Stick a fork in Christie, he's done

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    Andy Brown

    In a major blow to Gov. Chris Christie, a New Jersey judge ruled on Monday that he violated state law when he declined to make the full payment into the state’s pension system for public employees last year and ordered him to find a way to fund it now.

    The decision further complicates Mr. Christie’s hopes of reviving his presidential ambitions, which have suffered in recent weeks as his approval ratings in New Jersey have sunk to the lowest point of his tenure, and Republican donors have moved to other contenders for the party’s nomination.

    It came on the eve of his annual budget proposal to the Legislature, which already presented him with the challenge of finding $2.9 billion to make next year’s pension payment. The challenge is steep, with the state’s economy lagging well behind its neighbors’ and the nation’s, the state surplus dried up, and the governor loath to raise taxes.

    Mr. Christie will now be scrambling also to find the $1.57 billion the judge ordered him to pay.

    The Repugnicans will be yelling liberal judicial activism, but the judge was appointed by a Republican.



    He’d prefer to stick a fork in the meatloaf.


    Nice, Gouge.

    However, there is much to play out for the GOP in the 2016 election. Yes, the odds are nobody will challenge Hilary, but don’t count out either a newcomer or someone who is hiding behind the curtains. It could become interesting, as this election is still a year and a half away.

    Of course, while unlikely, it isn’t certain that Hilary will run. Then what? Biden? Who else? The dems need a backup. A lot can happen in the next 18 months…history has shown this.

    Andy Brown

    All true, but the point is about Christie. He has no chance of winning the GOP nomination at this point. Of all the slimy creeps exploring the possibilities, Christie has been sliding both in popularity at home in NJ and in the rest of the country and that was before he was determined to be violating the law.


    I think the biggest challenge for the Republican Party is to find some candidate that can make it through the primaries dominated by the “bat-crap” right and still be not perceived as too far right by the general electorate. Christie with his direct style of speech may have fit that role…


    The problem is, Evan, that the GOP rank and file still can’t get past the “Christie is a RINO” stigma. He’s not conservative enough for their liking. Even though neo-conservatism might win at the local and state level, on a national scale, it is unelectable.

    The Republicans never fully embraced Mitt Romney, for example. He was their best bet for winning in 2012, and he was running against Obama, who is universally despised in GOP circles, but they never fully circled the wagons for Mittens. Not conservative enough. Mormon. Whatever their rationale was, it cost them in the end.

    I don’t see that changing with this potential cast of 2016 candidates.

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