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    On February 28, 1924 Shepard M. “Shep” Curelop was born in Chelsea, Massachusetts to Jennie and Abraham W. Curelop. Shep had an older sister: Bertha and three younger brothers: Irving, Edward & Paul. By 1938 his childhood interest in theatre led him to the professional stage, acting on Broadway, touring the country, and performing in summer stock productions.

    In 1941 Shep graduated from the Professional Children’s School of New York enrolling in the University of Wisconsin at Madison, actively studying theatre. In 1943 he enlisted in the U.S. Army during World War II, serving as an infantry soldier and officer for 3 ½ years, including a one year tour in Trieste, Italy. In 1947 Shep returned to theatrical in New York and then moved into radio broadcasting.

    By December 1948 Shep was professionally known on the air as Steve Shepard. He was Program Director of KEIO Pocatello, Idaho. By December 1949 Steve was KEIO’s Chief Announcer as well as P.D. By December 1950 Shep was KEIO’s Sports Director broadcasting local games. In June 1951 KEIO call letters changed to KWIK “Quick Radio.”

    On February 18, 1952 it was announced Steve Shepard was at KWKH Shreveport, LA and was now moving to WIBA Madison, Wisc. as an announcer. In December 1953 Steve Shepard moved to KOIL Omaha as Sports Director. By May 1955 Steve had moved across town into television, as sports anchor on KMTV News at 5:30 P.M. as well as telecasting games on channel 3. On November 7, 1955 it was announced Steve Shepard was appointed KMTV Sports Director.

    In 1958 Shepard moved back to radio becoming KOIL Vice-President & General Manager. On December 5, 1960 it was announced Steve Shepard was Star Stations, National Sales Manager, for KOIL AM/FM Omaha, KICN Denver & KISN.

    On July 15, 1964 Steve Shepard became KISN Vice-President & General Manager. When KISN broadcast comments on controversial subjects, the voice you heard was Steve Shepard with his strong delivery. On May 14, 1966 Steve’s wife Patricia Flannery Curelop passed away at age 42. They had two sons and a daughter. One son preceded her in death.

    Under Shepard’s management KISN sponsored the first float ever entered by a Radio-TV station in the Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade, began the popular Bridal Fair, The Kisn Fun Festival and broadcast the Apollo 11 flight with live coverage of the blast off, earth orbital insertion, start of the flight to the moon, moon orbit, lunar touchdown, all activities during the moon walk. Lunar ascent and all other major aspects of the flight. This was the same kind of coverage KISN broadcast with earlier flights.

    On January 26, 1972 it was announced Steve Shepard was President of Star Stations, KISN, KOIL AM/FM & WIFE AM/FM Indianapolis, Ind. Shepard would leave Portland for Omaha. When Star Stations went dark September 2, 1976 the last words heard on KOIL were those of Steve Shepard: “KOIL wishes to thank all of the people who have enjoyed and depended on this radio station for the last 51 years. We are now leaving the air for an indefinite period of time by order of the FCC. This is KOIL Omaha.”

    In 1977 Steve Shepard became Vice-President & General Manager of KLEF in Houston, Texas. On December 10, 1994 it was announced Steve, Vice-President & General Manager of KLDE Houston was retiring. He would continued on until a replacement was found in May 1995.

    On February 6, 2016 Steve Shepard passed away at age 91. On February 11, 2016, funeral services were held at Congregation Beth Israel, 5600 N. Braeswood in Houston.

    References: Billboard magazine, Broadcasting magazine, Broadcasting Yearbook, The Lincoln Star newspaper, The Oregonian, Pocatello Idaho State Journal, Radio Annual.

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