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    Steve Duin published a profile of ex-KNRK deejay Tara Dublin:


    Tara is such a marvelous personality. Great taste in music too!


    What input, if any, did she have on the music that played at KNRK while she was there? I don’t mean this as a snarky comment; it is a sincere question.

    I was a bit put off by the ignorance of some of the people who commented on the Oregonlive site. Namely:

    • Tara needs money! She does not have the luxury of being able to pull volunteer shifts at KBOO or KXRY so that she can illuminate the Portland community with her musical tastes. Her time would probably be better spent voicing commercials.
    • A number of the comments mentioned podcasts. These seemed oblivious to the fact that by working at a radio station, Tara had the luxury of receiving a paycheck. If she were to do her own podcast, she would have to handle the business aspects, as well as being the talent. If she used music in the podcast, she would have to take care of paying royalties.
    • Personality is largely becoming the domain of talk radio (this was alluded to in some of the comments, as well as the article). The trend in music radio has been to minimize the use of human talent or eliminate it altogether.

    I think Tara’s actually too good for commercial radio as it is nowadays. Which is sad in itself.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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