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    Just wondering if the rules changed…

    Normally an HD station like KGON Id’s as KGON/KGON HD-1 (or 2 or 3) Portland.
    KXTG has be Id’ing as KXTG/KINK-HD2 Portland for while now. While KINK never did Id as KINK-HD1, in the past couple of days I’ve noticed that they don’t even mention the KINK-HD2 anymore. I checked and the HD2 is still active. So now it’s back to KXTG Portland.



    Last time I checked, FCC rules were pretty vague about this. Something like “Digital broadcasts are required to be identified to listeners”. But it doesn’t say how.

    In Eugene, KRVM-HD1 IDs as “Broadcasting in HD…”, while their HD2 IDs as “KRVM-HD2”. Both comply.

    But KLCC-HD1 does not ID their HD programming at all, which has to be a technical violation.

    EDIT: The FCC rule says “A radio station operating in DAB hybrid mode or extended hybrid mode shall identify its digital signal, including any free multicast audio programming streams, in a manner that appropriately alerts its audience to the fact that it is listening to a digital audio broadcast.”

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