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    Post posted the addresses/phone of assault weapons supporters on Facebook. Source: The Oregonian.

    He said: feel free to right click and save the pictures and share everywhere.

    Does anyone have Mr. Post’s address? I’d like to pay him a visit, take video and pictures and, you know, share everywhere.


    Now Skep,

    This asshole IS a terrorist, or at the very least he is inciting terror. This is no different than the anti abortion folks posting doctor’s names and addresses.

    I know some of the clergy involved personally, and hope that PPD and the FBI are paying attention and will visit this asshole and explain what being a law abiding citizen means.




    If Bill Post owns property, and it appears he does in McMinnville, then his address is a public record.


    He posted info on assault weapons BAN supporters, not assault weapons supporters, as stated in the original post.


    Latest from Bill’s website…

    Bill Post
    5 hours ago

    The Oregonian *newspaper was over 24 hours late to the IP 42 (now 43) story. So one of their reporters, having nothing better to report on, decided that my posting of a PUBLIC PAGE from the Secretary of State website was somehow “harrassing” the chief petitioners of the ballot measure. This is public information that’s been posted in Statesman Journal, Portland Tribune and other news sites as well as dozens of social media pages. It’s not “private” information. When I was chief petitioner on IP 28 last summer, same information was out there on me. Rather than trying to learn about this very real threat to our rights… this is “a story”? So kudos to the folks at KATU, KGW, KOIN, Statesman Journal, Portland Tribune for actually covering the real story: gun registry and confiscation. I feel kind of sorry for the once important Oregonian.


    But make no mistake.
    This was a blatant and obvious invitation to harass.

    For anyone who remembers, Post used to participate here under the handle “Dodger” when he was a talk show host here in Salem.

    He was another in a long line of Conservatives that left after being called out when the facts didn’t support their rhetoric.

    They can’t handle it if they don’t control the conversation. That’s what talk radio is for.


    On a related note, gun nuts that have found themselves banned from Youtube are now starting to post their videos to porn sites.

    Very appropriate I think considering the fetishistic nature of the relationship these guys have with their guns.

    Restricted By YouTube, Gun Enthusiasts Are Taking Their Videos To Pornhub


    Yup. Ban. My error.


    Ah, good old “Dodger.” Bill Post, former broadcasting brethren of ours. Had several personal email conversations with him years back when he posted regularly here.

    I met Bill’s dad at a fundraiser some 25 plus, years ago. Bill’s dad had a big heart for those suffering from hunger and started an organization to help doctors and medical personnel get the needed supplies to those folks. A good man. My conversation with the older Mr. Post was brief but cordial at the fundraiser.

    Somehow, Dodger, got things mixed up thinking I was a friend of his father’s, even though I had only met him once. Bill even went so far as to ask his father if he knew me. Of course his dad said he didn’t. When I pointed out Dodgers mistake, he never responded.

    Good ol’ Dodger.


    Eichenwald went a step further on Friday, posting Post’s social security number in addition to his phone number and home address for Eichenwald’s 454,000 Twitter followers and countless others to see. Eichenwald quickly deleted the information, saying he’d made his point. Eichenwald did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Eichenwald wrote to Post that it “took me 25 seconds to get all the information about you, your wife, your son (tell him happy 25th), your neighbors etc. Don’t bring a knife to a bazooka fight.”


    Keizer, not McMinneville.
    Posting name and SSN on a free domain IS A FEDERAL FELONY. oops hope no someone does somethin’ stupid with the info
    IP 43 will win. Great fun watching this go through Portland, San Francisco and Washington D.C.


    Ha ha, dodger got a very public spanking of his own design. So Trump-like. I wonder if he’ll ever show his face in here again.


    There’s a huge photo of Bill Post in The O today. 1/3 page color photo, the rest of the page was an editorial titled “Bill Post, gasoline thrower.” Post ignored The O when they attempted to contact him.

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