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    1881 Anna Lee Snyder was born in Oregon City. KEX Radio Psychic, 1933-34. KGW in 1932. KXL in 1931.

    1921 Bob Roberts was born in Canton, Ohio. KOAP-FM announcer, 1962-83. KGW. KXL. KGON Program Director, 1947-48.

    1933 KFJR debuted the program “Echoes of Scandinavia” 10:00 to 11:00 PM. The Start of “The Scandinavian Hour.”

    1951 Ralph Steadman was born in Portland. KPAM Talk Show host, 2000-01. KGW 1989-91. KUGN 1992-95.

    1960 KQFM 100.3 M.C., left the air for a few days to move its transmitter on Healy Heights, to the KGMG tower.

    1968 KXL’s “Sunday Spectacular” Halloween Special. Boris Karloff and His Friends. Hosted by John Salisbury.

    1972 KEX “Monsters You Have Known & Loved” at 11:00 P.M. “The Coffin In Studio B.” & “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

    1973 Abe Bercovitz died at age 69 in Portland. KGW Musical Dir., 1944-53. KGW-KEX Musical Dir., 34-44. KGW Music Di 26-34.

    1981 –KEX brought “The Larry King Show” to the Benson Hotel (Mayfair Room). A “Live” audience watched.

    1997 KOTK (from KWJJ 9-22-97) “JJ’s Classic Country”, switched to Talk Radio as “Hot Talk 1080 KOTK.”

    2005 Bwana Johnny died at age 59 in Edmonds, WA. KARO/KAAR Program Director, 1981-82. KLLB Music Director.



    1930 KGW special “Halloween Program.” Staging of a masquerade and an old-fashioned taffy pull. 9:30 P.M.

    1963 KBPS presented “A Day To Remember” Halloween program. Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins at 12:15 P.M.

    1972 KEX “Monsters You Have Known And Loved.” Peter Lorrie in “The Horla” plus “The Black Cat”, 11:00 P.M.

    1990 Alva L. “Al” Charf died at age 71 in Portland. KPDQ Chief Engineer, 1957-58. KOIN AM/FM. KVAN-910.

    2009 KUFO 101.1 MHz., Active Rock, ended stunting at 7:00 A.M. and unveiled an all new disc jockey line-up.

    2013 KXL Portland Chinatown billboard “We Love You Long Time” judged insensitive. Story goes worldwide.



    1910 World’s first wireless telegraph message transmitted from a moving automobile on a Portland Street.

    1927 Bill “Dr. Jazz” Fetsch was born in Portland. KMHD weekend morning Air Personality for over 10 years.

    1928 Anna “Cody” Shaffer was born in Shelly, Idaho. KBPS Assistant Production Manager, 1974-83.

    1946 KEX moved from the KWJJ Studio Building into its new 15,000 square foot “Radio Center” studios.

    1950 Dave Vincent was born in Portland. KUPL-FM “Country Dave”, 1980-96. KMJK-FM “Spacey Dave”, 1979-80.

    1951 William R. “Bill” Boone died in Portland at age 71. KGW Hoot Owls “Grand Skipano” 1924-33.

    1954 KRTV 1360 K.C., Hillsboro signed on air with 1 K.W. daytime, from studios at: 155A South 2nd Avenue.

    1955 KVAN 910 K.C., “Halloween Dance” live remote from Tiny’s Hall. S.E. 117th. 8:45-9:15 P.M. & 10:30-11:00 P.M.

    1958 KRIV 1480 K.C., granted studio move from N.E. Cedar St. in Camas to the Crown Zellerbach Hotel.

    1961 Harrison H. “Harry” Schoolfield died at age 85 in Portland. KXL Chief Engineer, 1945-46 & Engineer, 1944-52.

    1967 KXL “Sunday Spectacular Palace” presented Boris Karloff & His Friends. Bela Lugosi & Peter Lorre.

    2003 Lloyd A. Sutherland died at age 91 in Hillsboro. KOIN Radio-TV Technician, 1952-76. KBKO 1950-51.

    2003 Entercom Radio, LLC sold KKSN 1520 kHz., to Bustos Media, LLC for $2.8 Million (Amador S. Bustos).

    2003 Northwest Radio Broadcasting Company sold KGUY 1010 kHz., to Bustos Media, LLC for $1,000,000.

    2012 KKOV “Talk 1550” switched back to “Sunny 1550” Adult Standards format at 12 midnight after 19 months.



    1931 KGW “Hoot Owls” from 10:45 to midnight celebrated Halloween with sketches, including a murder mystery.

    1938 Orson Welles “Mercury Theatre” presented “War of The Worlds” on KOIN via CBS & scared Portland. listeners.

    1939 KVAN 880 K.C., Vancouver, signed on the air with 250 watts daytime. Studios at “The Evergreen Hotel.”

    1940 Oregonian Publishing Co. owner of KGW purchased property: 4545 S.W. Council Crest Drive for FM station.

    1945 William J. “Bill” Hofmann died at age 74 in Portland. KGW Hoot Owls “Grand Silence”, 1923-25.

    1953 Melodie Silverwolf was born in Santa Monica, CA. KBOO “Positively Revolting” co-host & Board President.

    1965 KEX special “The Pit And The Pendulum” was a KEX Repertory Theatre production at 10:30 P.M.

    1971 KLIQ AM/FM original “War of The Worlds” with Orson Welles, broadcast twice at 5:30 P.M. & 11:00 P.M.

    1972 Rollie Truitt died at age 71 in Portland. KPOJ AM/FM Sportcaster, 1958-62 & KEX AM/FM 1957, KWJJ/KEX-FM 1952-56.

    1972 KEX “Monsters You Have Known & Loved” Halloween Special at 11:00 P. M. “Dracula” with Orson Welles.

    1977 Oregon Radio, Inc. (Mrs. Lou C. Paulus) sold KSLM & KORI (FM) to Holiday Radio, Inc. for $684,000.

    1999 Tom Michaels died at age 57 in Manzanita. KEX Production Manager, 1981-87. KISN Program Director.

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