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    Dan Packard

    Amid the current times of so many problems on Earth’s terra firma, it’s great positive news to see the SpaceX/NASA launch of two men to the International Space station.

    A flawless blast off yesterday morning, a pinpoint perfect re-entry of the discarded rocket to a floating barge in the Atlantic ocean, and today’s successful docking with the Orbiting Space station containing two Russians and one US astronaut on board.

    Let’s Light this candle,

    Later during a video tour of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, I was amazed to see the cockpit controls are basically three touch screen monitors. Simplicity has come a long way since the Apollo moon missions of 50 years ago.

    Tour from Space: Inside the SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft,


    This is an incredible achievement in collaboration between private industry and government.


    It is!

    Neil wanted more government exploration and Buzz wanted private industry.

    Buzz won out.

    It is a new era. Will be interesting to watch it all play out.


    Also, say what you want about Musk. He is a total PITA, but if we are to have such extreme wealth be possible, he is the model for putting it to use.

    Takes big risks, has been at zero a couple times now. Excellent.

    Andy Brown

    I’m not impressed by the reproducing an experiment from the 60’s part of it (launching, orbiting, maneuvering).

    Developing a method of launch rocket recovery is impressive, but driven by bottom line reasons. After all, the profit will be later when they start mining on the moon.

    At least we don’t have to take a Russian Uber to get there anymore.

    drumpf will be using it as a campaign topic and surely will be taking all the credit like it was the first time we blasted off into space and it wouldn’t have happened without him. John Glenn will be pitching and yawing in his grave.


    Andy, I’ll differ with you. This is a huge accomplishment.

    SpaceX has done what NASA wouldn’t allow contractors to do during the shuttle program because of huge budget cuts in the initial design phase, make parts re-usable. The shuttle boosters and main fuel tank were supposed to be re-used and this penny-wise pound-foolish decision by NASA make every shuttle launch way too expensive to be long term viable. So SpaceX has finally accomplished moving technology a huge leap forward.

    They also beat Boeing at their own game. Remember, SpaceX is a brand new company, what ten years old or so? Boeing bought out most of the companies that took us into space, and they can’t do anything right these days.

    Nope, that SpaceX got to this point that they are moving freight and crew into earth orbit, doing so with relatively low cost and pretty good reliability is a huge leap forward.

    Fuck Trump. He’d take credit for the sunrise today.


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