Son of a gun! Heaven is real!

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    Eyewitness account and physical evidence.

    From the Onion News Service;

    I Know Heaven Is Real Because I Saw It And Abducted An Angel

    Friend, do you have doubts in your heart about the afterlife? Have you ever wondered if heaven is a real place? I myself had questions like these once, but a near-death experience erased my doubts forever. Why? Because during those few minutes when my heart stopped and the doctors worked to revive me, I saw God’s glorious kingdom with my own eyes, and while I was there I abducted an angel.

    I knew it wasn’t my time yet. I also knew I had to act quickly if I wanted to prove to everyone just how glorious heaven really is. That’s when I decided to grab the nearest angel and hold on with all my strength as it kicked and struggled so that I could bring it back to earth with me.

    I no longer fear death, because I know that when I die, I will experience an eternity of bliss just like what I felt in God’s everlasting paradise while I repeatedly punched one of His angels in the face in order to subdue it.,38449/

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