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    What will it be?

    Mueller gets fired?

    Sessions fired?

    Orders justice department to start a criminal probe into Hillary Clinton?

    Universal pardons for all named Trump?

    Wow! Isn’t America GREAT for a-holes!



    Imagine for a moment being 6 months into a Hillary Clinton presidency and we were talking about firing of special prosecutors and blanket pardons for herself and her family.


    The media would be fawning over Hillary. Just as they are out to destroy Trump, they would do whatever they could to prop up Hillary.

    Thankfully, we dodged that bullet.


    Andy Brown

    Yes the media is out to destroy drumpf. But more important is the fact that drumpf’s popularity as POTUS continues to go downwards. The big question remains whether or not he hits rock bottom before or after his resignation which is coming soon.

    No imagination is needed to understand that right now drumpf is the least liked most despised lecherous vermin of a president in the modern era. Only the true shitheads of the earth are still supporting him and that is the bigger problem: What to do with all the shitheads like you.



    Bacon: “The media would be fawning over Hillary.”

    Riiiiggght – just like they did during the 2016 campaign, where they reported breathlessly on the fake email scandal, over and over and over again. Seriously – do you think the media thought that 24/7 coverage of the email scandal helped Hillary – and that’s why they covered it so much? Or when she got the flu? Or when they reported all of those leaks of stolen documents (by the Russians) from the DNC and the Clinton campaign???



    Bacon: Lying, hypocritical, cowardly, POS.

    He continues to prove the point.

    The media is reporting the insane, lying, contradictory, bullshit that Trump and his team say and do. It’s not made up. It’s real. It’s documentable.

    Maybe if Trump and Co. we’re a bunch of lying, inept, buffoons, they wouldn’t be covered as such.

    Republicans only want “news” that agrees with their lunatic viewpoints. Everything else can be conveniently ignored. I know children with more intellectual depth and honesty.



    Looks like Trump is needling sessions to quit. Tweets about why sessions isn’t going after crooked Hillary and those damned emails today.




    Gee, I thought this thread was going to say that Justin_Timberfake’s finally getting a new car!

    (Whatever happened to him?)

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