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    I was checking out stories on the CNN website and came across the story of a cop who staged his own suicide.

    Intriguing story.
    So I went down the Internet rabbit hole and did a Google search on the guy.

    It included this picture of him in his cruiser;

    Then sure enough, there was a Wiki page on the incident.

    <link removed>

    The picture on the Wiki page is the same picture of him in the cruiser, but there is a key difference.

    Do you see it?

    It occurs to me that Dan my not appreciate my linking to a page that contains even an indirect link to porn. So I removed it.

    So if you’re interested in seeing what I referenced, search for “Shooting of Joe Gliniewicz” on Wikipedia.


    Yes, his video screen is blacked out, BECAUSE HE WAS WATCHING PORN!

    Fox Lake is not a small rural town, it is in the Chicago CSA, I worked almost next door in Crystal Lake in the mid-2000-oughts. Much more conservative than Chicago proper, and yes, I always wondered about some of these so-called “enforcers” in the area.


    If you look at the pictures, it seems pretty obvious the porn was added to the picture posted on the Wiki page.

    I wonder how long before someone catches it and takes it down.


    OK, but that screen shot wasn’t really pornographic, just a visual that doesn’t get too close, but I digress.

    Facts in this case show G.I. Joe spent a lot of other peoples money on adult websites and other things, thus that edit from someone on Wiki.

    The lesson here would probably be to not trust folks who look like Superman. Looks can be deceiving, you have to get to the soul of the person to make a judgement.

    CNN now has a documentary on him, just aired tonight. To avoid spoilers, I will just say it is quite sad.

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