Small Penis Complex at it's worst

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    Hitler’s manhood was apparently extremely small and malformed due to a condition called hypospadias, a new book on the dictator claims.

    Historians Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie cite newly uncovered medical records that show Hitler had a “micropenis” in their new book entitled, “Hitler’s Last Day: Minute by Minute,” according to a report in the Telegraph.

    Hypospadias is a condition where the penis is abnormally small and often the sufferer has to urinate out of a hole at the base or underside of the shaft, rather than the tip.

    According to a description by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people with the condition may “have problems with abnormal spraying of urine and might have to sit to urinate. In some boys with hypospadias, the testicle has not fully descended into the scrotum. If hypospadias is not treated it can lead to problems later in life, such as difficulty performing sexual intercourse or difficulty urinating while standing.”

    The report comes just over a month since researchers at the University of Erlangen said they had found prison documents confirming that Hitler also had only one testicle. The condition, chryptorchidism, occurs when one or both testicles fail to descend during childhood.

    These conditions may have put a damper on the fascist leader’s sex life with this wife, Eva Braun.

    Mayo and Craigie write that Hitler’s personal doctor used to give him hormones, amphetamines and cocaine in an effort to help boost his sex drive.


    Well, I’m glad I never was related to Hitler.

    Skep, please chime in here. I remember your penis post, or was it Chicken Juggler? Seriously, it was one of you two. 🙂 Let it all hang out.


    Must have been Chickenjuggler.

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