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    Maybe you would and maybe you would not.

    We have had world wars over some emotions and basic differences.

    I am anti lie and anti war. Republicans are very aggressive about the rest of the sovereign world and awful quick to back that up with our future and lives from the poors…

    You may not agree with Putin. I know I don’t, but Russia is a sovereign entity just as we are, and we all exist in a community of sovereign nations, who all have a primary obligation to take care of their people and get along.

    There are ways to improve on human rights and take care of those who are being picked on, over exploited, etc…

    Like that nice theatre in your home?

    That is a conflict device, filled with hard to make things produced with the blood, future and well being of a lot of people who deserve much better.

    Seems to me, ignoring that while fixating on Putin, the likes of IS is picking and choosing in the very ugliest of ways.

    The last time we had a cowboy in charge, he sent lots of us and our own to slaughter or to get maimed and for what?

    Oil? Didn’t pan out did it? Multi national companies and their interests? Fuck us right? Oh, wait! It was freedom and a war on terror.

    Well, ISIS exists in the vacuum left by Republican war, and we have our own people gunning each other down regularly….

    Trump has not demonstrated he could get any of that even close to right, and the Republicans overall have not demonstrated any of their decisions have been good for us.

    Think that shit through. You can bet your ass a lot of us are. More than the numbers in line for Trump.

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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