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    Deane Johnson

    What’s happened is that people are fed up with Washington and the politicians in general. Trump has said what they are thinking. He’s also said he’ll spend his own money and not be beholding to anyone except the voters. The more he says it, the higher his poll numbers go.


    Yeah but one party is obstructing and unable to govern, and that party is Trumps party.


    Sanders actually has detailed and totally plausible policy visions that will do a fine job for those same people.

    Trump is tapping the rage, but has not shown how. Lefties do show how and they get it done too.

    In a bizarre world where trump wins, it is the left that would get anything meaningful done.

    They are the only ones who have.

    Deane Johnson

    “Yeah but one party is obstructing and unable to govern, and that party is Trumps party.”

    You may see it as obstructing, but I see it as preventing further decline. Where the GOP failed miserably was in preventing Obamacare from happening.

    Deane Johnson


    My definition of “meaningful” would obviously be different than yours.


    If you believe the shit Fox is selling.

    Again, the Right has not even proposed a meaningful legislation.

    Their big goal is maybe not shutting things down again.

    As for decline?

    We are much better off now and it is the governance by Dems that got us there.


    What has the GOP proposed for us?

    Deane Johnson

    “If you believe the shit Fox is selling.”

    Can’t help you there, I never watch Fox. I watch CNN.

    “What has the GOP proposed for us?”

    Elect Trump and watch the proposals flow. Right now, the GOP knows better than to send anything through for Obama to veto.


    I do not think that Trump has a chance of winning the primaries. I am curious, what is his true motive for running this campaign?

    ADD: I have heard two different reports of what happened at the Trump press conference. One says that the Univision journalist was trying to heckle Trump by interrupting other journalists who were trying to ask questions. The other says that Trump blew up solely because of the nature of the Univision journalist’s question.

    Deane Johnson

    Alfredo, I’ll help you out as I was watching.

    The Univision journalist was indeed heckling him. He did not try to ask a question, he shouted “you can’t deport 11 million people.” Trump told him to sit down until he called on him. He wouldn’t stop yelling, so they escorted him out. The security guys than told him he could go back in if he would follow the procedure of being called up. He went back in and Trump called on him and he was allowed to speak. He didn’t ask questions, he began lecturing Trump. Trump let him say quite a bit. He’s more of an activist than a journalist.

    “I am curious, what is his true motive for running this campaign?”

    That’s an easy one. He intends to be the next POTUS.


    Alfredo, you can help yourself out by watching the video of the press conference and coming to your own conclusions.


    He may intend to be the next POTUS, but it ain’t gonna happen.

    Trump may lead the Republican pack right now, but he trails EVERY potential Democratic nominee.

    There is no way a plurality of Americans will vote him into office.
    You may not watch FOX, but you have a seriously inflated idea of the number of people who think like you do.
    There just aren’t enough wingnuts for that to happen and their numbers are trending down not up with demographic shifts.

    Here’s something else to chew on;

    From another forum, here is a list of Presidents that were businessmen and how successful their presidencies were as ranked by historians;

    Andrew Johnson – 41st
    Warren Harding – 42nd
    Herbert Hoover – 31st
    Harry Truman – 7th
    Jimmy Carter – 27th
    George HW Bush 22nd
    George W Bush 36th

    Not a very good record (and Truman was a failure in business and the only highly ranked member of this list).


    In other news….

    Dumb & Dumber III premiers tonight!

    Dumb & Dumber III

    (I did not make this up, but wish I had)

    Deane Johnson

    I like Trump because I think we need to have someone from outside the political arena kick some ass and stir things up.

    If you listen to the other candidates (either side), all they offer is typical political debris packaged up by their handlers.

    I would love to see Trump deal with the likes of whoever is running Iraq or Afghanistan these days, not to mention Putin.


    Trump “dealing” with these folks will get a lot of people killed, and us dragged into unnecessary, moronic wars.

    Sorry Deane, I’ll pass.

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