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    Jeffrey Kopp

    I never activated the satellite radio in my car when I got it a year ago, and the trial period did not happen. Well, today I got another note from Sirius in the mail, but this time they are offering a year at $4.99 a month, so I decided to give it a try.

    First of all, they add $1.07 a month for copyright fees. All right.

    The fidelity is better than FM.

    I read on-line that when the deal expires in a year, I can call and plead for a cheaper rate (like one does with the cable companies).

    I am partial to 80s music and they have a channel.



    “The fidelity is better than FM”

    Not in my experience. It varies from ok to terrible. The digital artifacting due to limited bandwidth is horrible at times. Talk stations get the least b/w. Classical seems to get the most b/w.

    See what happens when you drive under a bridge or into a parking garage or on a street with a heavy overhead tree canopy.

    Having said that, if I did a lot of long-distance driving, I’d subscribe.

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    Jeffrey, I have no idea what stereo you have but, I have never experienced ‘better fidelity’ with Sirius XM. My experience is a very compressed sound comparable to lower-end internet streams. I listen to Sirius when I have nothing to listen to on the terrestrial side. (I am one of those whom drive a lot.)


    Jeffrey Kopp

    It must have been a difference in processing levels.


    Jeffrey Kopp

    Well, I enjoy the 80s channel so much I upgraded from Select to All Access so I could listen on the Web at home. They quoted me $25 a month, but I said it was too much, so they offered me a promotion at $10.99 plus $2.35 royalty fee for a year, and I went for it. I wonder if they had a better deal yet because he sounded delighted to sign me up for $10.99. To my surprise they invited me to call back in a year to try for another promotion.



    Sirius/XM has a definite bent towards overpacking audio streams, so much that all channels (music, talk, news) give me a headache after about 30 minutes of tortured listening. The corporate minds believe more channels are better. Fix the audio and I may come back.

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