Should the US buy Greenland?

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    Hey, it’s been a week since the last post here. Just doing my part to stimulate conversation.

    Greenland harbours some of the largest deposits of rare-earth metals, including neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium and terbium, along with uranium and the byproducts of zinc.

    US corporations once thought of China as a benign supplier of rare-earth metals for mobile phones, computers and more recently electric cars. And the US government was relaxed when Chinese companies began hoovering up mines across central and southern Africa to secure an even greater dominance of the global market.

    The arrival of Xi Jinping as China’s leader, and his more aggressive foreign policy stance, has spooked many US policymakers. Among Trump’s advisers, the need for greater economic independence has raced up the agenda.

    A target for the US is Greenland Minerals, an Australian company that has generated a good deal of excitement since it started operating on Greenland’s south-west peninsula in 2007 to develop the Kvanefjeld mine, which is home to many rare-earth metals.

    More than 100m tonnes of ore are believed to be sitting below the surface and the project is expected to become one of the largest global producers outside China.


    Let’s get the checkbook out…


    Is there any way we can get Greenland to buy Trump? 🙂


    Left: “Let’s forgive student loan debt.”

    Right: “How do you expect to pay for that??”

    Left: “How do you expect to pay fot Greenland?”

    Broadway: “Let’s get the checkbook out…”


    I am honored to be quoted among the masses…actually Greenland could pay for itself with huge potential access to rich unexploited natural resources and nation security enhances among other benefits.


    Most people wouldn’t consider a week without any new posts in the politics side a bad thing.

    Just saying.


    semoochie: “Is there any way we can get Greenland to buy Trump?”

    I think Putin’s asking price would be too high.


    “…actually (fill in the blank) could pay for itself…”

    The conservative justification for every bad policy idea they put forth (i.e., every policy idea they put forth).

    Andy Brown

    “Most people wouldn’t consider a week without any new posts in the politics side a bad thing.”


    Did you see what appeared to be yet another attempt by F&B to crash the party? It was in the thread “Is This How The Republican Party Dies.” The homepage showed a first post by a new member named tweeter (or something close to that) but if you clicked on the post it came up as not there. I don’t know if it was a WordPress glitch or Dan has it set up so you can’t sign up and post in the politics side without posting on the radio side first (if that’s possible).

    Andy Brown

    “actually Greenland could pay for itself with huge potential access to rich unexploited natural resources and nation security enhances among other benefits.”

    Broadway, it’s amazing how many times you make inaccurate posts.

    Clearly, accounting was not your major. It’s true that Greenland (if it was for sale, which it is not) has natural resources but it does not have the infrastructure or logistical support in place to capitalize on them. Putting those in place would make the project a big loss for many years. Not to mention how intensely climate change is affecting those that live there as its ice melts at an alarming rate. You can’t build up seaport infrastructure (which would be an absolute necessity to ship exportable resources) when the ocean level is rising so rapidly up there.

    As far as security, we are already there and have been since 1943.

    Do some research instead of posting your nonsense.

    Andy Brown

    drumpf is desperately trying to move the media coverage away from the failing economy, his ties to Epstein, his general malfeasance while in office and his lack of support on Faux news so he will continue to feed the reporters covering him a series of ridiculous ideas like the Greenland thing.

    What an asshole he is. Somehow, his narcissistic persona doesn’t register how badly he is being beaten by every major Democratic candidate in nationwide polling and how miserable his numbers are in the key states that got Russian help to get him elected.


    Trump is delusional. I sincerely think he is mentally ill.

    Meantime, back to reality:


    The last time I heard, Greenland wasn’t for sale…:-)


    I’m sure he thinks he can buy the entire planet. Seriously, this guy needs to be either impeached or not re-elected. But I wouldn’t bet on it. There are too many stupid people who still think he is a “great” leader. Sad.

    Additionally, even though the polls show Biden would beat him, I don’t buy it. Same polls that said H. Clinton would win. Trump as an incumbent is worth 10 pts. in any poll, and there is no indication that his base will fail him. This is pretty certainly headed toward a Trump re-election. The dems don’t have their act together and if they lose it won’t be because of Trump, it will be the inept democratic party presentation.


    It’s beyond ridiculous. To the point of exhaustion.

    Can’t wait for 2020 to get here to have the voters have their say.

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