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    He’s told a couple of whoppers.

    Can this be excused?



    Oh I don’t know.

    Lots of people far more important than Williams have lied their asses off about war.

    FOX went to court over lies, won, and basically does it all the time.

    Who cares?

    I don’t.

    Ever since the comedians seem to be doing better news than the news people do, I quit caring about news people.


    If Fox “News” is the current standard of journalistic integrity, then comparatively Brian Williams is Edward R. Murrow AND Cronkite combined.




    First Bill O’Reilly needs to resign for claiming he was in “combat” when he was never actually in the military.

    Get that off the table and I’ll then consider Brian.


    Based on the “criteria” being tossed around, TeaBagger Joni Ernst should also be fired:

    Joni Ernst says she earned the right to call herself a ‘combat veteran’ despite never seeing combat


    So everyone is rallying around the liberal media. Interesting. Fox lies, so NBC gets to lie too.

    Emmy Award-winning journalist Sharyl Attkisson, who covered the story of Hillary Clinton’s lie about being shot at in Bosnia, says she can’t understand how the former secretary of state weathered the scandal while NBC News anchor Brian Williams may not.

    “To me, part of the irony is if Brian Williams isn’t able to survive it — that we think it’s important enough when somebody gives this kind of story that he would lose his career — yet we didn’t care enough to have it matter that much with someone who became our secretary of state,” Attkisson said Monday on “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

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    Ever since the comedians seem to be doing better news than the news people do, I quit caring about news people.


    And the media isn’t entirely liberal.

    On social issues, with the exception of a few dark spots centered on FOX, yes. We have a liberal media.

    On economic issues, with the muddy exception of a few spots centered on MSNBC, no. We do not have a liberal media. We get very, very few stories presented from a labor point of view, for example. Mostly, it’s a corporate point of view, and aside from Krugman, Sanders, et al. appearing once in a while, pretty much nobody actually discusses a left (US Left, not EU Left) policy vision seriously.

    On foreign policy, our media typically trends authoritarian, and right, though I find this distinction less clear. That’s due to my own confusion on that front more than anything, I suspect.

    Williams isn’t a bad news person. He did get himself sucked into this self-serving lie and it’s really crappy.

    We could give him the Papa Bear treatment and let him slide it under the rug because we like him. Works for O’Reilly, doesn’t it? To be fair, O’Reilly is entertainment more than news, so there is some discussion there.

    Or we could nail him. Give him the Dan Rather treatment too.

    Here’s what I think:

    News in the US is currently fucked up. And we fucked it up too. We allow lies, we allowed it to become for profit, we allowed it to merge and grow into seriously monstrous proportions, and we seemingly don’t care much.

    Some of us do. I do. It’s really deplorable. I’m very serious about my comedian comment above. I’m also quite serious about my many calls for people to evaluate our media against foreign media. The BBC does some damn good reporting on the US, for example. There are many others.

    So that leaves us with Williams, who aside from this seriously ugly gaffe, hasn’t really done anything to warrant being fired or to resign.

    Let the guy manage it. If he can do that, and people still find every other thing he did valuable, they can expect more of the same out of him going forward.

    I believe that. Williams has been consistent in what he does.

    Personally, I really don’t care. For reasons given.


    And yes!

    If FOX lies others can too. That’s what FOX did to news, and FOX is an absolutely deplorable news organization.

    Equal protection under the law and all that. These things have consequences. As I don’t know how many times we’ve put here. Maybe it can sink in right about now. Hope so.

    That particular mess is precisely why I’ve called for some truth in branding type legislation. This does not limit FOX in terms of what it wants to say to people, but it would require them to say what they do and do what they say.

    If you say “News”, it’s actually gotta be news in the sense that people get facts with clarity differentiated from editorial or opinion content, which isn’t news.

    MSNBC does a lot of shit, but they brand as “LEAN FORWARD”, and “NEWS” is nestled in “MSNBC”, but not out there front and center, and that branding is actually fairly honest, right along with the material being fairly clear in terms of differentiating news facts from editorial opinion.

    It’s precisely because of FOX, and the deplorable state of news overall right now that I feel it’s up to Williams and crew to manage this and see where it leads. It’s not necessarily a termination type offense, nor should it be, all things surrounding it given.

    Once again, I don’t give a shit. Just highlighting the dynamics I see out there.


    Sharyl Atkisson? I suppose she does speak with some authority on this issue, since she also got bounced from her network gig for lying.


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    Yep, the old cut ‘n paste AD trick. 🙂 Personally, I love that many sites do this.

    I get a more clear sense of whether or not somebody was quoting with some attention, or just doing a drive by…

    Wonder if the people involved would have a sit down? Get them and Williams and maybe a facilitator in the room to talk it all through.

    That’s a high stakes gamble, but it could yield a perfectly fine result. Williams can own what he did, people can get educated as to what happened, and learn something about the trappings of a prominent media gig, etc…

    Or they might rub his face in it big too.

    I kind of hope this happens. Sort of like what Don Imus did. His gaffe was really ugly, but it all sort of worked out. He definitely got something out of it, as did the players.

    Seems to me, that alone is worth the exercise at this point.

    And Willams can tell us why. I want to know that. Did he confuse things? Did he seek credence for some reason? What?

    Deane Johnson

    Brain Williams will not return to the anchor job, as he shouldn’t.


    Deane, I wish I cared one way or the other, but I don’t. Given the state of traditional news today, the nightly news reader (I hesitate to call him a journalist) doesn’t have the importance that a Cronkite or Rather or Huntley/Brinkley had a few decades ago. Because there were fewer news outlets, those journalists carried a heavier responsibility for accuracy and integrity. News has truly become infotainment, and Brian Williams is as much an entertainer as a journalist – and can easily be replaced.



    So everyone is rallying around the liberal media. Interesting. Fox lies, so NBC gets to lie too.

    Turn it around.

    Should Fox get a pass while Willimas twists?

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