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    Charles Kravetz, the general manager of the public radio station WBUR in Boston, which produces original programming including “Here and Now” and “On Point,” is a fan of “Serial.” He can’t help being excited and worried at the same time.

    “When you talk to young people, they will tell you that they are listening to a lot of public radio, but when you probe more, you find out that they are listening to podcasts,” he said. “Public radio audience, after years of steady growth, is off slightly, probably in part because people are listening to on-demand programming on podcasts.”

    Now, this right here is the point of real interest:

    As part of an effort to get its arms around a changing landscape, WBUR received a grant from the Knight Foundation this year to set up BizLab, which will explore new models for public radio. “We have a great, thriving legacy audience and we have to find a way to disrupt ourselves,” Mr. Kravetz said.

    “Serial” has a nice mid-20 to 30 something audience, a clear indication about how basic drama and story still command attention despite all the technology changes.

    It’s great to see the podcast continue to grow. Consider giving “Startup”, linked in the article, a listen to find out how.

    Count me as a fan of both the format and “Serial” in particular.

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