Senseless violence in Paris

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    Dan Packard

    Terrible senseless violence in Paris tonight as news reports now point to over 100 dead due to three different coordinated shooting attacks. Early reports said the concert hall attack was at a performance by the rock group the Eagles. It was actually an unrelated American group called “Eagles of Death Metal”.

    In solidarity with our French colleagues and the majority who stand for life, liberty, and equality.


    I wonder when this will become common in the US. We can’t pretend that it won’t happen here. But I hope we are able to prevent


    Paul, it’s coming soon. Small attacks that take a few hundred lives is pretty easy to organize. That is, as long as they willing to die. This is the future we face.

    This is why I think muslims need to either speak up and police their own or face the consequence of being one in the same.

    It’s also another reason why I think religion sucks. If it weren’t for religion, these people would have nothing to kill for.


    Here’s what grinds my gears,

    Among all the condemnation of theses attacks, and support of the French in the wake these horrible attacks, much of support filling up my Facebook page is from those that a few years ago were talking about Freedom Fries.

    Talk about cognitive dissonance.


    Truly ironic that France, who opposed the Iraq invasion,reaps the consequences of that mess.



    Considering that the invasion of Iraq spawned ISIS, and France was against it, France appears to be a victim of Isis and the hubris of the Bush Administration.




    A terrible, terrible crime. I hesitate to use the word “tragedy” because it kind of implies that it was some kind of force of nature, and not a deliberate assault by one group of people on another group of innocent people.

    I’ll be very interested to see how France responds politically to such a large gun death incident. Outcry for change then forget about it in two weeks, ala the U.S.? I hope not.


    What’s “telling”, Broadway?

    By all means, please share your deeply informed and nuanced reasoning on this complex issue. I’m giddy with anticipation.

    The only thing “telling” about any of this to date, is that there are apparently no depths to which right wing Republicans (are there any other kind at this point?) will not sink to in a derp laden effort to attack President Obama.

    The bodies in Paris were not even cold and the usual parade of intellectually deficient/morally reprehensible conservative characters were attempting to make political hay out of these attacks with their political base.

    You stay classy, Republicans.

    Sidebar: If you have never seen “Idiocracy” by Mike Judge, I recommend you check it out. Trump = President Camacho.


    Added to my watch later list. Thanks LG.

    Yes, it’s a crime, not a tragedy.

    What I continue to hope for is more International unity on the idea of not enabling terrorism as a strategy. These attacks are horrible. The motivation for doing them is twofold:

    1. Express anger, hate, etc…

    2. Change.

    We need to deny the second one. If they do them, and the world doesn’t validate that shit, doing future ones will have marginal value.

    What we did in Iraq was very, seriously enabling Broadway. Additionally, our leadership at the time chose to exploit fear and hate to advance very questionable policy. That was very seriously enabling too.

    All regrettable.

    Let’s hope the French, along with the support of their International peers, present a reasoned, rational, not enabling or validating response.


    >>What’s “telling”, Broadway?
    The leadership of this nation saying a few hours before a massacre that those who are now proclaiming they performed the deed are “not getting ‘stronger’, we have ‘contained’ them”.
    Not wise…sayin.



    Ok, against my better judgement, what do you see as the better path and or response Broadway?

    Andy Brown

    When the violence is in white countries it gets all the press. Meanwhile at least 147 people, mostly students, have been killed in an assault by al-Shabab militants on a university in north-eastern Kenya.

    Broadway’s aberrant focus on reality and what’s important really shines when he can not find an intelligent contribution to make around here insofar as he can not damage his non existent credibility.

    As if the loons like Broadway expect an instant result of the certain reassessment of the entire world terrorism strategy by the free world, so little has been said about what brought the entire ISIS issue from nothing to major world threat. In fact, it was the unnecessary Bush/Cheney Iraq War that created the conditions that led directly to the rise of the “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL).


    I’m with Vitalogy in that if one didn’t believe in an afterlife, there would be little to no motivation to perform a suicide mission. Instead, one would be more motivated to work for changes whose results one could benefit from while still alive.

    I am curious, why are terrorist groups targeting France?

    P.S.: Yes it is a terrible tragedy that people in the West are largely oblivious to violence when it happens outside the industrialized world. It is almost taboo to talk about stuff like this, as I found out in junior high school when I made a reference to this type of violence in a Thanksgiving essay.


    Totally my experience too Alfredo. Like it is icky, or “those other people” both beneath us, or that makes us think about stuff we don’t want or like to think about.

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