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    Wow, what a horrible end play. Pass to complete was intercepted. Ugly.

    But that did leave the ball just half a yard from the end zone. There were options and possibilities.

    Wait! There is more!

    SEA defense jumps the gun, resulting in a penalty, taking most of the options off the table. Game over.

    What does SEA do then?


    Way to go guys. No class.


    What? Was there a game today?


    OK, for you anti-Seahawks fans, good on ‘ya.

    Truth is the Seahawks were on the 1-yard line on 2nd down and goal, with one time-out. Pass? OMG. What a wrong call. Run it with Marshawn, get the win and you are Super Bowl Champions. Even if Marshawn doesn’t get in you still have another chance. Big coaching collapse here, one for the ages. Fire the offensive coordinater immediately.



    I almost never watch the Super Bowl. My son wanted to party up, and so we got after it, and I enjoyed the game and company.

    There they are at that 1 yard line, and everybody is thinking the same thing, “Just drive it in there.”

    PASS?? WTF??

    People here were yelling, crying, throwing stuff. Fucking hilarious actually!

    More of the same with the Seattle defense jumping the gun.

    But the fight was the best. It’s as if Seattle just said, “fuck it” and threw one of those, “hope you enjoy the win” punches.

    I started yelling, “FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!” and it ended quickly, with more than a few people just out of their minds over it all.

    Personally, I think it would pay big to just drag out a mini-ring, start a play by play and let ’em go a few rounds.

    Whatever set the Seattle player off must have been a sweet taunt! Maybe we will find out what it was.

    Bonus points for it being associated with a seriously botched plan.

    Wonder what the late night, “shit, we had this!” bender will be like, and who ends up in jail over it.

    You know there will be one. Probably a couple for the clowns who thought a pass made sense, given the defense was all over them all night long.


    I was hoping Brady would run over in Sherman’s face and yell “You mad, Bro”?


    Darrell Bevell’s ass needs to be sent packing.

    Seattle has the ball on the one yard line, three downs, 26 seconds, a time out in their back pocket, and the most dominant running back in the game behind Wilson.

    So Bevell calls … a PASS? And his justification? “We were trying to stop the clock”.

    This one is going to hurt for a very, VERY long time.

    I need to drink more.


    If NFL Films does another “Top 10” presentation about worst Super Bowl fails of all time, this would rank #1, for sure.

    The end of this game looked like it was a presentation of the WWE, rather than the NFL, all that was missing at the end was a ref getting knocked to the floor and Jim Ross’ over-the-top commentary.


    Sweet, poetic justice. I love seeing “that look” on Pete Carroll’s face, and to hear the silence as the “12’s” take a sucker punch to the genitalia. The house of cards is tumbling. GB showed how to handle Russell Wilson in the NFC Championship, while Belichek and Brady showed how to deal with the “Legion of Swoon.” Now, Seattle can go back to its rightful place as “the most miserable sports city in the U. S.” 😀


    Russell Wilson wasn’t the problem yesterday, and for as bad as he looked for 50 minutes against the Packers, he put us on his back and got us that win in the NFC title game.

    The throw on that last play wasn’t very good. Lockette didn’t reach for it, either. The whole thing that pisses me off is that a slant, in the middle of a goal line defense, was called in the first place. Give it to the big fella that got you there.

    Stupefying, moronic, abysmal, unacceptable. And that’s on the coaching staff, namely one Darrell Bevell.


    And the melee after that at the end of the game was also unacceptable. As was Doug Baldwin’s antics. Total lack of class, and that irks me too.


    What I’m loving is how it happened. Seattle fans were once again at the brink of ecstasy, only to be left with the worst case of blue balls in the history of mankind. HA! Now you know what Dallas and GB fans feel like. Here’s another stat you “Worst Call EVER!” people might want to chew on; Marshawn Lynch was 0-5 this year in runs from the one yard-line. Perhaps it wasn’t such a bad call. All I know is that I’m glad that Seattle and its football team got knocked down a few pegs. Hey, “12’s”…Suck on this! 😀


    Seahawk fans, it wouldn’t have mattered if your defense didn’t allow the Patriots to score twice in the quarter. They dominated. But go ahead and focus on one play.


    Upon further review, I am going to backtrack a bit and say the call was actually not as bad as I originally thought. The matchup was not right for a Marshawn run. Carroll knew it and made the final call to throw. The worst outcome occurred.

    Dux, I know you call it just trash talk, but some of your comments are really out there. You must really hate the Seahawks, and the city. So be it. Nobody on here trashed the Ducks the way you trash Seattle. IMO.


    Go Sonics!


    “…If anything it proves how insecure and stuck up Portland really is.”

    While this post is proof positive about how officious and full of themselves that Seattle fans are. Seriously, there is NO better feeling than watching Seattle teams lose, just to watch the reactions of their fans.

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