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    I recently got my FM6 Yagi up here on the Oregon Coast and I get several Seattle stations in HD. The best that lock most of the time are KUBE-93.3 and KJR-95.7. I also get their sub channels. I think both are still on Cougar. Back in the day when 95.7 was KIXI, they had one of the best signals on the Northern Oregon Coast. It looks like they still do. Several of the old strong Seattle stations moved to Tiger and they are not quite as strong. But I am surprised I get something in HD at such a distance. A bunch of others come and go in HD, 88.5, 92.5, 94.1, 94.9 (co channel with Seaside),etc. But the Cougar Mt signals still are tops here on the Coast. I get nothing in HD from Portland which is closer, but higher mountains in the way. Portland stations are listenable, but not nearly as strong.

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