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    Look for 104.9/Eatonville to become “The Brew”

    Yes, the same hair band hits of the 80’s sped up by 3% as heard on KFBW.


    Bonaduce is a ‘RADIO LOCUST’…

    ..He’ll now hop from market to market in search of ANY radio job that’ll be stable..


    Looks like 104.9 “The Brew” is confirmed:

    Either that or CC pulled a trick out of Alpha’s hat copying the “Sam 95.5” idea.


    Bonaduce is actually a good radio talent. Good move for KZOK, if they can keep him for atleast two years.


    It’s The Brew, alright but it sounds more Active than Classic Rock, unless it’s 90s and I just don’t recognize it.


    A bit more on the Seattle Wolf opening, per All Access:

    KKWF Morning Co-Host Mary White Exits, Replacement Sought

    KKWF Seeks Morning Co-Host

    ENTERCOM Country KKWF (100.7 THE WOLF)/SEATTLE is looking for a morning co-host for the “FITZ IN THE MORNING SHOW.” Co-host MARY WHITE exited from the show TODAY (10/31).

    Country experience is not essential to apply. Top 40 and Hot AC talents are welcome. Interested candidates must be an expert on all things pop culture, be engaging storytellers, be a team player, be highly skilled at social media, and able to prep, plan, write, create audio and video.

    See the ENTERCOM careers site at or submit your aircheck, photo and resume along with anything else that helps show you are the right person to PD MIKE PRESTON, KKWF via


    KSGX in Seattle has indeed changed formats. The link above takes you to a page entitled THE BREW 104.9. Wonder if Portland’s Brew was (and is) actually a test toward spreading the format to other stations elsewhere?

    Best, M. 8)


    From what I understand “The Brew” concept started in Milwaukee……

    Jeffrey Kopp

    Once upon a time there was this radio station called the “Funky Monkey” at 104.9 “Seattle”- actually licensed to Eatonville with no hope for any more coverage…barely gets into Seattle.

    Anyway, when Clear Channel bought the frequency they sort of just let it be. For a couple years, anyway. Automated but for a cheap live afternoon show- didn’t cost much to run from a closet, got 1.3 or so 12+…about the best you could ask for a lonely little rimshot signal. Active rock with the occasional Nirvana or Pearl Jam oldie.

    But, this being CC, it didn’t quite fit the mold. No room in the mix for a slightly unique station. So, away it goes for “Gen-X” canned format. Just awful. Really, just awful. The gist was that they were wide-ranging, from 90s hip hop to grunge to pop to rock. But 7 bad songs in a row…that’s still a lot of crap music no matter how you package it Got between a 0.1 and 0.2. Serves them right.

    SO now we have this version of the Brew. Not much like the PDX version. Active rock, with the occasional oldie from Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Sound familiar? Nice way to destroy a brand , Clear Channel. You now have the Funky Monkey without the 10+ years of brand loyalty that entailed. Let me know how that works out for you.

    Oh, and they occasionally play Queen and Pink Floyd. SO there’s your difference.

    Clear Channel- we fired all the programmers, but we still have lots of good lawyers.


    KSGX Drops Gen X For Rock As ‘The Brew 104.9’

    As ALL ACCESS tipped you YESTERDAY (NET NEWS 10/31), CLEAR CHANNEL Gen X KSGX/SEATTLE was stunting as “FREDDY 104.9,” for HALLOWEEN. Now, FREDDY’s dead, and the station flips to Rock as “THE BREW 104.9.” The flip happened at midnight.

    The station lists “Walk” FOO FIGHTERS, “Monster You Made” POP EVIL, “What You Want” EVANESCENCE, “No Matter What” PAPA ROACH, “Adventures Of Rain Dance” RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, “Make It Stop” RISE AGAINST, “Blow Me Away” BREAKING BENJAMIN, “Bitch Came Back” THEORY OF A DEADMAN, “Get Thru This” ART OF DYING, “Curl Of The Burl” MASTODON and “Kick Ass” EGYPT CENTRAL as its sign-on Top 10.

    “We’re extremely excited to have THE BREW join the CLEAR CHANNEL RADIO family,” PD SHELLIE HART said. “SOUTH SOUND listeners have been missing a Rock station that actually plays MUSIC … and by design, THE BREW will ROCK! It will be the best of all worlds for guys … familiar rock hits, a good mix of new music and sports updates … all served up with a brew!”


    Ironic statement by the Clear Channel PD. “SOUTH SOUND listeners have been missing a Rock station…” (because we took it away 10 months ago for no particularly good reason!)


    Now, if only Portland’s “Brew” offered a contemporary Rock format, instead of stale Classic Rock.


    And Portland STILL doesn’t have an Active Rock station! Or is The Brew now the closest thing to it Portlanders will have for the forseeable future?

    Best, M. 8)

    Waynes World

    Since Clear Channel already has Oldies 106.7, I’m thinking 860 KPAM switching to Oldies would be more likely.

    we have a late 60s and 70s oldies channel at 106.7 but we need a real oldies station. with the new KISN internet station coming maybe they could go on am too at either 620 or even 910 like before.

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