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    That ransomware attack has also affected almost all of the Sinclair owned TV stations across the country. It’s made producing newscasts very difficult. In some places, newscasts from other markets have been used to fill local news time because the local stations can’t put their own newscasts on the air. One aspect of this is that most Sinclair stations have master control centers located long distances from the studio and/or transmitter. Some stations can’t play local ads on air, so they use an ID slide reading “We’ll return in a few moments” to fill the spaces. (This of course will cost Sinclair big bucks in lost local ad revenue.) And it’s also playing havoc with sub channels in many areas, notably MeTV/MeTV+. And network programming has had hiccups on Sinclair stations because of the malware in their chain in several places. This is why master control should always be at the station rather than a location 100+ miles away. And Sinclair has had an awful time trying to get rid of the mess.


    Agreed. The days of master control from a remote location may be ending. Or not. Depends on stations considering risk vs rewards. In other words, do they continue to operate stations remotely and take the risk, or go back to local control. Heavy business questions here approaching 2022. My guess is nothing will change, but that could create bigger problems in the long run.


    ” My guess is nothing will change, but that could create bigger problems in the long run.”

    I agree. This is the model radio has used now for a few decades.


    A nice article about KIRO AM 710 and its role in emergencies.

    (The photo of the soldiers guarding the big Western Electric transmitter reminds of an historic photo I have seen of World War II guards at the KOAC transmitter plant.)


    Great read chessyduck. Thanks for sharing.

Viewing 5 posts - 511 through 515 (of 515 total)
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