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    Yes, I heard about KSER after KRAB was sold, but the signal only covers the Puget Sound area, but that was out of the question for listeners on the Northern Oregon Coast. Yes, KBOO does have a better signal, but 107.7 in much stronger here. The Puget Sound FMers on Tiger & Cougar mountains come in the North Coast much better even though the distance is more. The mountains are not as high to the NE from here. Crossing over the Coast Range towards the SE is harder to keep a solid signal. About the only Portland area station I get in HD (At times) is 107.5. A few others can pop into HD on the rare occasion . But the Puget Sound stations, I get a lot in HD at times and a couple regularly.


    Tje KSER Fpundation folks spent some serious money on building the KXIR relay out at Freeland on Whidbey Island. Darn it but the Canadian protections make it so that the 60dB contour barely hits Oak Harbor. It is a nice self-supporting tower however. See the archives at KSER’s website… Remember, in the Northwest your tower has to clear some very tall Doug firs…


    Palm Springs, CA has a behemoth cellular/communications tower that has two AM stations, KWXY 1340 and KCOD 1450 diplexed into it. Here is a street view:,-116.4624134,3a,75y,267.87h,100.2t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s8A2bfj3mEx473eZoq3B9bQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?hl=en


    King fm is definitely an anomaly in today’s radio world. A nonprofit on an fm commercial frequency. Though their ratings remain strong.


    Actually, they’re far more common than they used to be. We have two in Portland alone, 96.3 and 97.9! Seattle has two more, 94.9, which is another anomaly and 104.5!

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    KNHC “C-89.5” is celebrating their 50th anniversary this weekend, and Monday.

    Fresh Listen: KNHC (C89.5) Seattle Turns Fifty


    Thanks, Randy. You are making myself and Dan feel old. My how time flies!

    Dan Packard – KNHC 1976-1977
    Paul Walker – KNHC 1975-1977


    Ohhhh, wow! This is indeed making me feel as old as dirt!

    John Fortmeyer — KNHC 1972-73

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