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    Andy Brown

    Notalent is correct. The reason or basis of all this is first adjacent channel interference to KLVP Aloha on the lower sideband side where they have requested additional power from the default authorization of -14 dBc up to -10dBc. I don’t know where the -14dBc allowable is derived from (where in the rules, that is). To make it even more complicated, their signal northward would have to respect Canadian airspace. I have NFC what that entails for digital but we can assume that since it was OK in the analog domain, the digital hybrid signal is OK as well, and the additional power in the lower sideband still propagates no further than the analog signal.

    Here is the first letter in the series of STAs which includes the report by Erik Swanson of Hatfield and Dawson and has the best explanation of the reason for the STA.

    Here is the page you need to see the sequence of STAs and all the letters written:

    Here is the most recent letter from the FCC:


    Thank you, that clears it up nicely! I’m sorry you went to all that trouble.


    Seattle KJR legend Charlie Brown has passed away at 74. He did mornings at KJR starting in ’74, then moved KUBE-FM in the early 80’s. A really great talent who was adored by listeners.

    (His death comes less than two weeks after his afternoon co-hort Gary Lockwood died).

    Steve Naganuma

    “KUBE Seattle Charlie Brown & Ty Flint 1987 California Aircheck Video”


    And here is some rough video of pure joy…Charlie and Company on the first day of KUBE Seattle. Note the faces of Bob Case and Tom Hutyler, (longtime Seattle Mariner stadium announcer) near the end.

Viewing 5 posts - 436 through 440 (of 440 total)
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