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    YEP !! Nothing like hearing ” Baby I need your lovin'” on low band AM with an Orban Optimod, 125% positive peak modulation in MONO, with just enough noise to make you appreciate how the EMR curves with the earth on 570 KHZ, listening 225 miles away .

    KVI talker loud and proud in the Tri Cities this AM…can hardly wait till they flip !


    You should hear those Optimods in stereo, very rich and full bodied sound. Oldies works exceptionally well in AM stereo but the example I am thinking of is past. Olympia used to have KGHO 920 as an oldies station running stereo and they were so proud of it that status was announced in the top of the hour ID. Processor used there was an Orban Optimod 9100A and I am sure KVI already has this type of equipment set up. The wide channel separation typical on 1960s stereo mixes will certainly utilize the modulation advantage that C-QUAM has over FM stereo.


    “Its only certain HD Radios which have C-QUAM AM stereo decoding but they are out there.”

    My early Sangean HDT-1 tuner appears to…It sounds a little goofy, but it does switch to AM stereo after it has been tuned to KBPS for a few seconds.

    If I were king, AM stations running IBOC would be required by the FCC to switch to C-QUAM at night!


    >>I am sure KVI already has this type of equipment set up.<<

    Well you’d be wrong. The processing chain was changed out seven years ago and six years ago they got a new Nautel transmitter. Not a lick of stereo gear remains.

    >>I want to hear this team again on 570…because as was mentioned above by Paul W… may not last long !!!<<

    Oh, don’t worry – it will last a little while – at least until Fisher LMAs KMCQ, then get ready for KVI-AM & FM!!


    “My early Sangean HDT-1 tuner appears to…It sounds a little goofy, but it does switch to AM stereo after it has been tuned to KBPS for a few seconds.”

    My Accurian does too noticed that when I actually could get an AM stereo station in my area. Sadly that is no longer true and I could be in the process of hunting down my own C-QUAM transmitter soon to fill this void. It would only be 100 mW and part 15 legal though. Can’t get KBPS during the day as I am relatively far from the Portland metro area at about 65 miles and their signal is riddled with interference from other AM stations.


    Has Fisher been talking to First about taking over KMCQ?


    104.9 The Monkey Seattle Returns To Its GenX Roots

    funky monkey officially gone from seattle


    The Optimod 9100a was mono, it’s the 9100B that was stereo.

    Rob is correct, KVI presently has an Optimod 9200 which is Mono.

    Actually First is probably talking to Fisher…

    See my posting in this thread dated 11/3 re KMCQ


    This from All Access:

    KLFE/Seattle Flips To Talk

    SALEM Religion KLFE-A/SEATTLE flips TODAY (11/15) to Talk as “FREEDOM 1590.” The station is airing the SALEM conservative talk lineup except for substituting WESTWOOD ONE’s DENNIS MILLER noon-3p (PT) in place of MICHAEL MEDVED, who airs on crosstown BONNEVILLE Talk KTTH-A (THE TRUTH).

    The move by KLFE comes in the wake of the demise of crosstown conservative Talker KVI-A (FREEDOM 570), which has flipped to Oldies.


    This from All Access:

    KQMV Movin’ To Mainstream Top 40

    SANDUSKY RADIO Rhythmic AC KQMV (MOViN 92.5)/SEATTLE has just re-branded itself as a Mainstream Top 40. It will continue to be called MOViN 92.5

    “It really was a no-brainer for us,” PD MAYNARD said. “We were practically there already. We are currently top 5 with women 18-34, 18-49 and 25-49 in this highly competitive PPM market. We are doing the work of a Top 40, but not getting any credit for doing so.”

    Added GM MARC KAYE, “This evolution of MOViN was simply a case of letting the horse have its head and we continue to look forward to the ride”


    I wish that Portland has another CHR station, either Entercom or Alpha Broadcasting that can break up the CHR monopoly from CLear Channel. Look at the ratings for both Z100 and Wild 107.5.


    This from All Access:

    KIRO-F Adds ‘Coast To Coast AM With George Noory’

    BONNEVILLE Talk KIRO-F (NEWS TALK 97.3 KIRO FM)/SEATTLE is adding PREMIERE RADIO NETWORKS’ “COAST TO COAST AM WITH GEORGE NOORY” for overnights 10p-4a, starting JANUARY 3rd. NOORY will replace the last hour of FRANK SHIERS’ local 7-11p show, plus the syndicated ALLEN HUNT, PHIL HENDRIE, and DIRK VAN “FIRST LIGHT” shows.

    “We’re very excited to put GEORGE back on the air in the NORTHWEST,” said OM RYAN HATCH. “And can’t wait to introduce him to a new audience on the FM dial.”

    “Being heard on 97.3 KIRO FM is a dream come true,” said NOORY. “COAST TO COAST has been number one in the SEATTLE-TACOMA market and we look forward to even bigger gains on NEWS TALK 97.3 KIRO FM. I couldn’t be happier.”

    NOORY was previously heard in the market on crosstown FISHER Talk KVI-A until that station flipped to Oldies on NOVEMBER 8th.


    I’m all for local talk, but KIRO has had mixed results during the evening and late night/overnight hours. Probably a good move.


    This from All Access:

    KFNK Changes Call Letters To KSGX

    CLEAR CHANNEL Adult Hits KFNK(104.9 GEN X 104.9)/SEATTLE gets new call letters becoming KSGX. The new calls coincide with the flip from Active Rock to the GEN X format earlier this month (NET NEWS 11/10).


    See next post.

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