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    What would be interesting is if Fisher LMA’d 104.5 and did an oldies simulcast!! At least they’d cover the whole market that way.


    “PDX already has an FM oldies station – Seattle doesn’t.”

    KJR-FM is an oldies station. Classic Hits and Oldies are pretty much the same thing.


    This from All Access:

    Something Funky Going On At Seattle’s Monkey

    CLEAR CHANNEL Active Rocker KFNK(104.9 THE FUNKY MONKEY)/SEATTLE is rumored to be flipping to something called GEN X 104.9. The rumblings started when CLEAR CHANNEL registered the domain and, both of which lead to nothing on the web at this point.


    Exclusive PPM Analysis October 2010: Seattle

    Here is a recap of some select PPM market highlights from OCTOBER 2010, compiled by dmr for ALL ACCESS and powered by XTrends, radio’s #1 PPM and diary analysis tool.

    SEATTLE-TACOMA October 2010: The Ladies Make STAR #1

    FISHER RADIO Hot AC KPLZ (STAR 101.5) was #1 P6+ in SEATTLE-TACOMA in OCTOBER, buoyed by their only other #1 demo- a big one- W25-54. Tied for #2 P6+ were CBS RADIO Country KMPS and CLEAR CHANNEL Top 40/Rhythmic KUBE with 4.8.

    It’s a battle for WOMEN in SEATTLE with ENTERCOM Alternative KNDD (107.7 THE END) #1 W18-34, CLEAR CHANNEL Top 40 KBKS #1 W18-49, STAR 101.5 #1 W25-54, and CBS Classic Rocker KZOK #1 W35-64.

    CBS Adult Hits KJAQ (96.5 JACK FM) continues an upward trend (see Snapshot Trends below) moving to #1 P25-54 and to #2 P35-64, just behind KZOK.

    MORNINGS: What does it say about a market whose #1 MORNING show (P25-54) has nobody on it? JACK-FM has done it, and that probably also explains why KZOK went up to #1 P36-64…. BOB RIVERS left.

    Snapshot Trends (3 consecutive months, up or down)

    Trending UP- KMPS (P6+, P18-34, P25-54), BONNEVILLE Talk KIRO-F (P6+, P18-49, P35-64), CLEAR CHANNEL Sports KJR-A (P6+, P35-64), KUBE (P18-34, P18-49), KMPS (P18-34, P25-54), CBS Adult Hits KJAQ (96.5 JACK FM) (P35-64).

    Trending DOWN- CRISTA BROADCASTING Christian AC KCMS (SPIRIT 105.3) (P6+, P18-34), KBKS (P18-34).


    >>KJR-FM is an oldies station. Classic Hits and Oldies are pretty much the same thing.<<

    No they aren’t, Pat.

    Classic hits stations like KJR-FM don’t play Motown or R&B hits and are very selective about their ’60s cuts. The format centers at around 1976.


    True. KJR-FM is more classic hits than oldies, (or “greatest hits” as the oldies term has evolved). What is interesting to me is that even KJR-AM, in the 70’s, was more of a rock oriented top40, and rarely played R&B. (Stairway to Heaven was a nightime staple on KJR, circa mid-70’s.) I think they are still playing off this image. And yes, I understand today’s KJR has nothing to do with the old KJR-AM, but the branding is what brings them together.


    Seattle doesn’t have an FM Oldies station? Isn’t 104.5 KMCQ an Oldies station?


    KMCQ is a “for sale” signal that happens to put oldies on the air to keep their license active.

    There is no intent on their part to compete in the marketplace for either listeners or advertisers.


    This from All Access:

    KKMO/Seattle-Tacoma Sold

    SALEM COMMUNICATIONS’ INSPIRATION MEDIA, INC. is selling Regional Mexican KKMO-A (EL REY 1360)/TACOMA-SEATTLE to SEA-MAR COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER for $2.7 million. A previous deal to sell the station for $3.69 million in 2008 was never consummated.


    This is interesting news KVI always booms in even where I live 100 miles from the transmitter site. Now if only they would return to stereo operation in either digital or analog.


    I would vote for analog AM Stereo on 570 KVI, but I highly doubt that would ever happen, considering the lack of AM Stereo tuners out there.


    As would I but you would be surprised. Many vehicles made recently have AM stereo receivers in the dash plus lots of older cars with that capability are still on the road too. Also some of the HD Radio receivers decode C-QUAM stereo correctly as well such as certain versions of the Accurian, the Radioposidy-100, and the Sangean HDT-1.


    I believe it’s been about 10 years since AM Stereo has been factory installed in cars. I have yet to find an HD Radio that can decode C-QUAM.


    If I was closer to Portland I would make an aircheck of KBPS 1450 on a totally stock Accurian. That does decode C-QUAM stereo but albeit in the Ibiquity analog mask bandwidth which is quite narrow and its only certain versions because I think it made some of the people at Motorola upset. Mine was made in September of 2006 and I personally confirmed it to have this capability by accident actually kind of a long story there. Its only certain HD Radios which have C-QUAM AM stereo decoding but they are out there.


    Tommy Huytler !!! AM RADIO again ….LOL..

    I think I can get 570 over here sometimes in the Wintertime…LOL..

    I want to hear this team again on 570…because as was mentioned above by Paul W… may not last long !!! Knowing the state of AM radio in general. Ric Hansen Maria ….and all the rest…

    KUDOS and POWER TO THEM all…shake the magnetic poles on on low band AM in Seattle-Tacoma once again ……Let us all take sage and appreciation while it may last…

    Good luck and Good listening ………………………….


    Yes, they should just run the stereo.

    There are a lot of radios out there still. Over time, that will diminish, but the cost to get it turned on is sunk, once done, having little impact.

    A stream can then be stereo, if desired. Not a bad thing. And should the HD AM system improve, the stereo chain is done there too.

    And the people who built HD Radios to decode it did the right thing. Those radios are simply better radios, delivering all quality modes to the listener, such as they are.

    That’s why Ford always put that into their Premium units, which I’ve seen AMS in as late as 2002.

    Honestly, that’s a simple line item on the list of things that can raise the value perception in the buyers mind, all of which contribute to reducing the added cost of the HD radio as a barrier to adoption.

    That same dynamic works for the broadcaster too. They get to say “Stereo”, mention the stream, etc… That’s differentiated from the others, who don’t get to say that, and that’s always worth something.

    Hope they have a grand time, in any case.

    Here’s a great example of that oldies in stereo formula in action:

    And besides, the oldies are fab in AMS! Talk about old school, period correct! Why not?

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