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    Iheartradio realigned 4 of their Seattle stations at noon, today. KUBE moves to 104.9 as 933 becomes Power 93. Kiss 1061 changes to Hot AC and 1029 is now Alt 1029. I’m sad to see KUBE change frequencies. I know that a change has been needed for awhile. I worked up there many years ago. This, when the station was on Lakeside Avenue. Farewell, KUBE 93 FM.


    That is too bad, as 104.9 here on the Oregon Coast (near Astoria) is blocked by a pirate operating from Sunset Beach. I can get a null on the pirate to get bits and pieces on 104.9 on occasion. I guess 104.9 is not on Cougar Mt. 93.3 & 95.7 are both the strongest FMers I get from Cougar Mt. Both generally are in HD too.


    This is one of Seattle’s biggest radio shake-ups in a longtime, if ever. I can see the reasons why they did what they did, but could this backfire, confusing most of the existing audience? I don’t know, I guess it depends on how they market it. Also, according to AllAccess, two full-time positions were eliminated with these moves. The beat goes on.


    Eric Powers was the PD/PM driver at KUBE- he was expendable; only 25 years at KUBE. Sheesh.

    The calls and format live on- they moved it to 104.9 Eatonville, which pretty exclusively serves Tacoma. And they are branding it, along with 102.9 Centralia, as Tacoma stations. This is smart, I think, and a reversal in this market. They are putting a FT sales rep in Tacoma, and are going to try to make it work. Tacoma has had its TV and radio properties taken from them and “moved” to Seattle over the years- noticed the same thing with Salem and Portland.

    Worth a shot- neither 102.9 nor 104.9 really get into Seattle anyway.


    Now it will be hard to listen to KUBE in Seattle, I wonder if there’s any chance that 104.9 could move to capitol peak or south mountain and upgrade to at least Class C1? I guess Seattle is the largest market without a full coverage of Rhythmic/Urban music.


    Now,did the stations swap frequencies or just formats? In another article I read, it sounded like the formats were just swapped.


    Some of each.
    93.3 moves KUBE calls and Urban CHR format to:
    104.9, which was active rock The Brew
    93.3 becomes Power 93, CHR, new KPWK calls
    106.1 Keeps KISS positioning and KBKS calls, moves from CHR to Hot AC
    102.9 Centralia drops CHR, NOW positioning, and likely calls, adds Gold driven Alt Rock.

    Correct, no full market Urban left in Seattle. There is KMIH run by the rich kids at Mercer Island High (think Lake Oswego in socioeconomic terms). They are pretty much automated urban but with two small signals. This is the translator: and this is the “main”: so maybe 10 by 10 miles total.


    “I wonder if there‚Äôs any chance that 104.9 could move to capitol peak or south mountain and upgrade to at least Class C1?” That’s pretty close to Aberdeen on 104.7!


    I remember listening to Kube back in 1994. Back then I remember being exposed to bands like Nine Inch Nails and sound garden along with the latest hip hop on Kube. Pretty cool cutting edge station. It almost sounded like Top 40 back in those days but edgier and had a lot more rock on it. They played Mazzy star “fade into you”a lot that year on Kube. Every time I hear Mazzy star on the radio today it brings back memories of Kube and living in Seattle with my grandparents. If I’m not mistaken, a few years later they got rid of all the rock music and played mostly hip hop. Back in 94 I had Kube cranked on my radio all the time. ( sniff sniff) I’m getting all nostalgic. Maybe I’ll go listen to some Mazzy star. 😃


    So what, 104.9 and 106.1 are both covered by buzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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