Seahawks off to a great start !

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    I still like their chances of getting back to a 3rd straight SuperBowl — they’ll just have to buy tickets like everyone else !


    To my point on another thread, PDX posters rarely care about sports, especially when it comes to the Seahawks.

    But since you posted, here is my take: I have been seeing a lot of facebook comments this afternoon that basically say “we still love you”, or “great job”. As a Hawk fan, I think they are delusional. I understand that die-hard fans stay with the team thick or thin, but the reality is the Hawks blew this game in the first half. Who gives up 31 points in the first half of a playoff game? While they attempted a comeback, it was too late to undo the damage in the first half. So they end up out of the race after two glory years. The future is yet to be determined. Will Marshawn be back? How about Jimmy? Lots of questions going into 2016.


    Had they had Marshawn Lynch they would still be in. Too bad. Hoped the roll would continue. Yes! Lots of questions in the off season.


    Marshawn Lynch just played his last game in a Seahawks uniform, unless he takes a massive pay cut. (Which I hardly foresee). Rawls has shown that he can be the feature back – his running style is very angry much like Lynch, he’s extremely hungry to show he belongs (another UFA gem found by Schneider and Carroll), and he is pennies on the dollar compared to Beast Mode. Christine Michael will be back as well. We are just fine at RB.

    Jimmy Graham will be back as well. He is in the Seahawks’ future plans, for sure.

    IMHO, the top priorities in the offseason should be this:

    -Draft and/or sign offensive line help. Okung and Sweezy are free agents, and I’m not sure if they are worth holding onto. Okung is our best OL, but is CONSTANTLY injured. This is our Achilles heel, by a mile.

    -Depth on the front end of the defense. Bruce Irvin is a UFA, and probably gone. Michael Bennett wants a new deal (and might get it now).

    -FIRE DARRELL BEVELL! It took the injuries to Graham, Lynch and Rawls to figure out that we have a thoroughbred in Russell Wilson, but Bevell was hellbent on keeping him in the barn. It took him 2/3 of the season to react to the God-awful protection up front, and have Wilson roll out and do what he does best, which is make plays on the move. Get the ball out of his hand quicker. Bevell is holding this offense back so much, and is a huge liability.

    Congrats to Carolina. I don’t care what anyone says, they were the better team and showed it yesterday.


    Ya know. Seattle was playing against the team with the best record. Actually figured they’d get massacred. But like a fool, I watched anyway. Why not. Had nothing else to do. It was a game. It was entertaining. Score was way closer than I figured it would be. So yeah, they lost. To be honest, I didn’t think they would make the damn playoffs at all, but they did. We enjoyed 2 extra weeks! Yeah!

    But I agree with what ya say, Brian. Learn from you every time you post! Thanks!

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