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    I will preface this that it is way too early, but I found it somewhat interesting that a new CNN poll shows Warren above Biden in Iowa, a known State that can and has set the bar.


    I was in Iowa recently. Saw a huge Tulsi sign east of Des Moines. Just down the road, a Trump one. I mean BIG, like 20′ x 50′ type big!

    The people I had a chance to chat with were not all that interested in Biden. Warren, Bernie, Trump, Tulsi appear to be the majority talk of that part of Iowa.

    In general, my coffee shop chats indicate this is another establishment referendum election.

    Trump is a change agent. Painful one, but definitely not seen as an establishment player.

    Warren is managing that too. In this sense, her GOP heritage helps her. Did not expect that.

    B and T are also change agents, obviously. That lies at the core of both their campaigns.


    In our current predicament, anyone who isn’t overtly insane is a change agent. Even Pence.


    More interested in winning.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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