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    The more I think about this strategically, the more I beleive it’s in the best interest of Democrats to have Obama nominate a person who’s rejection will give them the most gains. The rejection is a given no matter what. Nobody Obama nominates will be considered. The GOP is all in on a clasic “anger bet”.

    And they will lose. Because Hillary will be elected, Democrats will take over the Senate, and they will 86 the filibuster thereby placing into the SCOTUS a 30 year old Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

    And the best part of this is that Herb’s head will literaly explode.


    Reading between the lines of everything that has happened this week, it’s becoming clear that the thing that scares the establishment right the most is losing the Supreme Court.

    If Trump is the nominee, then (as Vit says) they lose the presidency and the down ticket races, and the court swings solidly left. If Thomas or Kennedy depart for any reason in the next four years, then the court will be solidly left-leaning for a good generation or more.

    And there goes Citizens United, and Hobby Lobby, and all the other recent rulings designed to cater to the wealthy donor class. And what returns is populism, people-powered politics, and the activism of the ’60s and ’70s. The political pendulum always has and always will swing back and forth, and despite the right’s fantasy of a “permanent Republican majority” the pendulum is swinging back.

    And in much the same way that the Democratic Party imploded during the ’80s, the Republican Party is imploding now. The only difference is that the Republican Party let themselves swing rightward to a much greater degree than the Democratic Party ever let itself swing leftward. The result is a GOP political party shitstorm unlike anything we’ve seen in modern times, and will likely ever see again.

    Pass the popcorn.

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