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    Conservative Writer Slams Conservative Response To DOJ Report On Ferguson

    “…First off, he freely admits that he intentionally read the report with “as jaundiced of an eye towards the Department of Justice as possible.” He also disregarded any and all commentary from the investigators as to what they saw in Ferguson, as well as all of the interviews with citizens of Ferguson and their police officers. He even said to himself, “Let’s assume that everything DOJ says is a lie, and that everyone who was willing to talk to the DOJ…either lied or shaded the truth.”

    So basically, he read it with as biased a mindset as he could. He was looking for things to downplay and discredit the report’s findings. Here’s how he felt after going into it with that kind of an attitude:

    “No conservative on earth should feel comfortable with the way the Ferguson PD has been operating for years, even according to their own documents.””


    Good. It is important people get to a rational place on this stuff, and I don’t care how so much.


    Wolf lays out the following items he found most disturbing about the DOJ’s report on Ferguson:

    1.The Ferguson Police Department acts almost exclusively as a revenue generation machine for the city;

    2.The Ferguson PD habitually uses excessive force;

    3.The Ferguson PD has utterly failed to supervise its officers’ use of force;

    4.The Ferguson PD systematically punishes residents of Ferguson for “contempt of cop;”

    5.The evidence of racial bias in the administration of justice in Ferguson is overwhelming.

    -Sounds to me like Nazi Germany here in ‘Merica. No wonder people in poorer neighborhoods don’t trust the cops.


    Oh-oh, Godwin’s Law alert! Thread is dead. RIP 🙁

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