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    Remind me…Who considers Obama to be “messaniac”?



    Obama is President because he was the best person for the job period, end of discussion.

    If you want to talk about advantages, let’s talk about who actually provided President Obama with meaningful advantages. Yeah, that’s right! The Stupid Party, who thinks you are stupid.

    Who did they run?

    First time, they ran the old war hawk and the bat shit crazy word salad lady. Hilarious! McCain / Palin was an absolute disaster.

    Second time they ran two economic disasters, both of whom hold antiquated social policy values, both of whom are very seriously not aligned with the interests of ordinary people. Painful! Romney / Ryan was almost as big of a disaster.

    Additionally, the Stupid Party performed so badly in governance during the Bush administration that ordinary people thought it perfectly fine to elect a black guy with a Muslim sounding name!

    Like Limbaugh ended up opening the door for Sandra Fluke, the Republicans literally opened the door wide for Obama by fucking us so badly that damn near anybody at all was on the table for fair consideration, due to getting it right having to be a priority over more petty issues like race.

    When the racists woke up the next morning, they all lost their shit and still refuse to talk much about how we got here.

    Yeah, that bad.

    Democrats have their problems. We’ve put them here for all to see, no worries. But those problems are not anywhere in the same league as the shit dished up to us as policy by the GOP.


    Anybody that thinks being black has an advantage is crazy. It’s clearly a liability, sadly.


    Seriously F&B?

    I left it out of context to prove the point that a text with out a context is a pretext, as we often see in long lists around here–liberals posting a collection of one-liners taken out of context.

    No fucking way. You got some examples? You better, because some lame missing sentence somehow invalidating all those other things is quite frankly laughable!

    Bring it. Let’s pick through them, again. And you know you’ve done this before, right? And you got your ass kicked before right?

    Besides, we know what a pretext is. No need to “prove” that, unless you needed to clear it all up in your mind.

    You’ve stepped up for Limbaugh before. Didn’t go well. Should be entertaining to see it all play out again.

    Andy Brown

    F&B: “as we often see in long lists around here–liberals posting a collection of one-liners taken out of context.”

    You’ve really been in a fog since Election Day. You are now in the habit of posting shit you can not substantiate. Go ahead, find a long list of one liners taken out of context and the source link to the post. Since the archives are not available, use google or

    Go ahead. Back up your bullshit or keep your fingers in your nose instead of on the keyboard.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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