Rush says he is “terminal”

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    Deane Johnson

    Are ou guys by any chance hitting the sauce before making these posts?


    Those who disagree must be a) uninformed b) mentally defective c) mentally ill or d) drunk.

    Classic retort by someone who has run out of anything to say.

    I had one oz of port wine last night while watching a tv show. I don’t believe I’m impaired, but thank you for caring enough to ask.


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    I’m in my 70s and he is the worst president I have ever seen and I started voting in 1968. History will not be kind to this administration.


    The fact that he doesn’t do ANYTHING the way of past presidents is part of his appeal to a certain constituency.


    >> Are you guys by any chance hitting the sauce before making these posts?

    Or maybe they’re smoking the makes you stupid drug…weed—-


    Have you not heard Trump say these things? Everything I mentioned is something that he has said publicly, either as video or a tweet. Proof is easily obtained.


    Are ou guys by any chance hitting the sauce before making these posts?

    Or maybe they’re smoking the makes you stupid drug weed-

    The same thing can be asked/said about you two, considering the majority of your posts over the years.

    Pot, kettle.

    Andy Brown

    Of course over there on the right wing, they are already stupid (voting for drumpf twice makes you eligible for the Idiocy Hall Of Fame) and tend to post like they’re drunk all the time. At least that’s the conclusion based on their posts on this page.

    While no one is suggesting that weed turns a dullard into Einstein, it certainly doesn’t do the opposite. A study led by Robert Tait at the Australian National University was published in 2011. It analyzed the long-term cognitive effects of weed use in almost 20,000 people between 20 and 24 years of age. Participants were placed into different groups, including Abstainers, Current Light Users, and Former Heavy Users.

    During the next eight years, the subjects completed a variety of standard cognitive tests. Many of them focused on verbal memory, working memory, and intelligence. Unlike the other study, researchers controlled for numerous variables, including gender and education.

    After these statistical adjustments, the study showed no “significant between-group differences.” Using marijuana had no noticeable impact on cognitive performance.

    An interesting study by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies was published in June 2016. It found that ‘dope’ may make you smarter. According to the study, cannabinoids such as THC block the inflammatory response and stimulate the removal of intraneuronal Aβ.

    But Does Marijuana Make You SMARTER?

    This is more difficult to determine, but some studies suggest the answer is ‘yes,’ at least in specific ways. A paper published by the University College London in 2010 looked at ‘semantic priming’ and marijuana usage. The term describes how activating one word enables us to react faster to related words. For example, ‘dog’ could lead to faster reaction times for ‘pet’ but not for an unrelated term such as ‘table.’

    The researchers found that weed leads to hyper-priming, where semantic priming’s reach expands beyond normal parameters. For instance, when you hear ‘dog,’ you will think of words such as ‘hair’ or ‘leash’ which seem disconnected when in a ‘sober’ state.

    This explains why creative people use certain marijuana strains. It helps the brain make remote connections that lead to unusual yet awesome ideas. It also explains why 95% of the greatest music ever made was created by people who were high.

    h ttps://www.
    Article from Way Of Leaf

    Jeffrey Kopp

    Trump lied to us, he lied to us, and he lied to us. He has nothing but contempt for anyone not a supporter, and only cares about millionaires. He has single-handedly demolished the Republican Party.


    I saw an old comedy routine, probably from the 70s, that gave a futuristic view of what had finally been determined about long term marijuana use. They showed a test subject barking like a dog!

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