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    Andy Brown

    F&B, you’re back. Not unexpectedly I might add. We all knew you’d be unable to resist. It was just a matter of when, not if.

    With regards to your ill conceived, inaccurate, illogical, inexact, imprecise, incorrect, wrong, erroneous, careless, faulty, imperfect, flawed, defective, unsound, unreliable, fallacious, false, mistaken and untrue post above which fails to hit the mark or tilt the scales, only an asshole would defend the piece of shit known as rush limpnutz.

    But let’s review your claims:

    “Many of those alleged quotes by Rush Limbaugh are not verifiable. Many are ancient. ALL have been taken out of context.”

    They are all verifiable and available on line with links to the audio. Please don’t make ridiculous claims during your short stay here. As far as the “ancient” aspect, that is irrelevant. Once a pig, always a pig.

    Rush Limbaugh has single handedly saved and changed the AM dial

    Better read up in the industry trades. Talk radio is on life support. Rush’s empire crumbled. The 50 kW flamethrowers have rid themselves of his program, dismissing it as the terrible blight of lies, hyperbole and false claims that would only garner ratings when it was new. Many tuned in because they couldn’t believe that someone could be such an asshole and get away with it. Once they weren’t getting the ratings, they offed him like a past due carton of eggs.

    “It’s very sad that some cannot put politics aside and have compassion for a dying man. It’s even sadder to see someone extend compassion and then withdraw it so as to be accepted by his peers.”

    What’s sad is your approach to respecting the desire of this board to never allow you to remain a member.

    As far as compassion for rush, that would be like having compassion for Hitler, Mussolini, the Kims, Ivan the Terrible, Lenin, Stalin, Marx and drumpf. It’s in short supply and generally only available from other narcissists and the mentally ill (Asperger’s patients like you).

    Rush is evil. Hell is a pagan concept but I don’t mind saying that is where rush is going. No heavenly trial, no purgatory (that’s Christian, anyway) and no appeals. Straight to hell. He’s damaged so many people and done so much to hurt innocent people it’s unfathomable that any sane person would defend him.

    The shame you should feel but don’t for defending such an abomination will hurt you later.

    Andy Brown

    A “monkey eating its own shit is better than” Limbaugh. (laughably, this is a conservative watchdog group posting this, I guess like Vern they don’t get the hypocrisy of anyone calling foul about anti rush sentiment and still supporting drumpf.

    A documented history of drumpf’s/rush’s bigotry:

    Rush Limbaugh’s Most Racist Quotes: A Timeline Of Destructive Commentary

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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