Rush Limbaugh Dead at age 70!

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    There should be decades of Limbaugh shows on tape. Don’t you think some smart programmers could come up with some artificial intelligence software that would react to the news of the day and just insert Limbaugh quotes from past shows apropos to the latest news story? Three hours of this a day might not sound coherent to the average person, but Limbaugh’s core audience isn’t that bright, and I doubt most would catch on. Most of his shtick was repetitious anyway.


    Given the vitriol and divisiveness being displayed in this thread, could one not say that Rush “lives?”

    More than 23 years ago, one of my college roommates converted me into a dittohead. I am not ashamed of the full disclosure, but I must also state that my love affair with The Rush Limbaugh Show ended well over a decade ago.

    My circumstances in the late 1990s were quite different, the times were different, and I believe that Limbaugh’s show was quite different. In the late 1990s, I was affiliated with a radio station that had virtually zero listeners. Many of our younger, cluelessly idealistic staffers did not give a damn that two modern rock-formatted stations in our market, one commercial and one non-commercial had taken many of our former listeners. The audience erosion was like “death by a thousand cuts.”

    At that time, I was in awe of the way that Rush Limbaugh had built up the show that most people thought of when they though of talk radio; I was in awe of the huge audience that he commanded. In the euphoric late 1990s stock market bubble culture, the rhetoric made sense–at least to me. Let the small business people, the venture capitalists, and the people who want to put in 60 hour weeks do their thing. The economy will continue to boom, stocks will continue to soar, and professional jobs will continue to be easy to find–or so I believed at the time. The satire used on the show was, in my view, of the kind that one might enjoy in a political cartoon.

    A few years after 9/11, perhaps around 2006-2007, my interest in Rush and the other syndicated shows started to fade. It was not as much disgust for me as it was boredom. I came to realize that these hosts had a fairly narrow set of topics that they would discuss on the air. I started to find the hosts on KGO to have a much better breadth of knowledge that they were willing to share. Unfortunately, we probably all know about KGO’s management misadventure, so I won’t elaborate.

    I had long given up on Limbaugh by the time that he went on his multi-day tirade against Sandra Fluke, by the time that he played “Barak The Magic Negro” (which to me sounds like something out of a 1960s anti-civil rights editorial that might have aired on WDAK in Columbus, GA or one of its sister “Big Johnny Reb” stations), or by the time that he finally sank the ship, so to speak, by getting on the Donald Trump train.


    “Rush lives” is certainly the Premiere mode of thinking right now. These profit hounds will milk this for as long as they can and I don’t blame them. This is where it becomes just business. At some point they will dry the udder and they will be shit out of luck.


    I became curious regarding what other shows Premiere Networks syndicates. Lo and behold, #2 rated Glenn Beck is one of them! Though it is quite morbid, I wonder how much it costs Premiere to fill the slot with “Best of Rush” reruns. More to the point, does Premiere have to pay any legally-designated beneficiary, such as Limbaugh’s wife (he had no children) for the rights to air the archived material?


    Just be glad you don’t live in Florida…


    Good for her!

    Deane Johnson

    I agree with her. Probably for another reason. I don’t think a person in his station in life qualifies for flags at half mast. He’s not a public servant. He’s a private individual with a political activist schtick that worked for him.


    I’ll agree with that.

    Flags at half mast are becoming too commonplace, just like standing ovations at concerts.

    When things become too frequent and common, they loose all meaning.



    Flags have been lowered this week. I wonder how many Trumpublicans believe it was because of Rush’s death. The opposite is true, it is because of 500,000 covid deaths, mostly on Trump’s watch.

    Andy Brown

    Limblow said COVID was a cold.

    “It looks like the coronavirus is being weaponized as yet another element to bring down Donald Trump,” he said.

    Source: Washington Post

    What a schmuck.

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