Roman Catholics Abandoning Trump

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    Andy Brown

    You’ve already heard that drumpf has a 61% unfavorable rating among voters in the Mormon-majority state that has been reliably Republican for decades. But, there’s a much larger religious group in the U.S. that has, at least for some time now, historically trended rightward but currently finds itself fleeing Trump as the Republican nominee: Roman Catholics. While white Catholics have become stronger conservative voters–- though not nearly to the degree white Evangelicals, Mormons or mainline Protestant denominations have been – the nation’s entire Catholic population has turned into its largest swing voting demographic.

    And this is very bad news for drumpf. According to a June 2016 report from the Pew Research Center, drumpf trails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton among weekly Mass-goers by a staggering 19 points. Among the more infrequent Catholic churchgoers, Trump still trails Clinton by 16%. This is a dramatic departure from the 2012 election, when the Catholic faithful chose Governor Mitt Romney (R-Mass.) over President Barack Obama by a healthy margin.

    Twice, recently, the board troll Pope Bacon, has tried to portray drumpf as being supported by Catholics. It’s just not true. Bacon has also inferred drumpf would be a good choice for Catholics. That, too, is far from the truth. Read the Forbes article for a dose of reality, Vernon.

    The motivation of their opposition varies. Many don’t see him as a conservative. Others don’t like the tone he’s taken with Hispanics, nearly all of whom are their fellow Catholics. Still others remain uncomfortable with his threat that Muslims would be banned from entering the country, an all too familiar concept to Catholics who just a century or two ago were practically prohibited from doing business in certain cities, applying for jobs or participating in civic or social systems.




    Republican Jesus, not to be confused with Bible Jesus, believes that:

    • Poor people are simply lazy and unmotivated.
    • Government programs to assist the less fortunate are either too generous or alternatively wasteful and without merit.
    • Women should know their place
    • Wealth equality is for socialists.
    • LGBT persons should know their place
    • Differing religious beliefs are evil.
    • Racism is not real. Though, of course, the “other” in no way shape or form deserves our empathy or respect. After all, they’re different!
    • Fear and misinformation are valuable political tools.
    • Objective fact and scientific theory are the enemy.
    • It’s the government’s role to tell women what they can or cannot do with their own bodies. And, once an unwanted child is born, no tax dollars of any kind should be spent on ensuring that child has a healthy upbringing and a chance at upward mobility. Particularly if they’re not white. Good luck, kid. Our job here is done.
    • The proliferation of firearms is a great idea.
    • War, as long as we are on the “right” side is a great idea. Forswearing violence is only for losers like Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, or Bible Jesus.

    And of course, that supporting a serial lying, racist, bigoted, misogynistic, selfish, narcissistic, and ignorant, blustering and bullying, vindictive man-child is somehow completely compatible with evangelical Christianity.

    Bible Jesus would be appalled by all of it and have nothing to do with any of it. The very concepts that underscore the “modern” tenants of Republicanism are completely at odds with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    But, whatever, right hypocritical bible loons? As long as maybe, possibly, we’re not sure, but perhaps, Donald J Trump could nominate a Supreme Court Justice whom would maybe, possibly, we’re not sure, but perhaps, find a way to attack Roe V Wade at some point in the indeterminate future, everything’s cool.

    Unreal. The stupid…it burns.


    On the upside, Turnip is pretty much making a compelling case to return Churches to the tax rolls. Farces shouldn’t be tax-free, don’t you think? I’ve a hunch Jesus agrees with me here.


    You’d win that bet. In general organized religion is largely a financial con to begin with. The tax exempt status of all churches is a extraordinarily troubling.

    And the politicization of religion, actively engaging in partisan activities, is not only completely at odds with the teachings of Jesus Christ but also happens to be banned by Federal statute.

    Republican Jesus is fine with it, though.


    “It’s the government’s role to tell women what they can or cannot do with their own bodies. And, once an unwanted child is born, no tax dollars of any kind should be spent on ensuring that child has a healthy upbringing and a chance at upward mobility. Particularly if they’re not white. Good luck, kid. Our job here is done.”

    It’s the government’s role to protect human beings, beginning at conception and ending at natural death.

    The rest is the usual red herrings–“they only care about it until it’s born,”…blah…blah…blah…lie…lie…lie

    Tell us more about the teachings of Jesus please, especially about what he had to say to the Apostles after his resurrection, and about his selection of Paul the Apostle and what he too had to say. Tell us how Jesus would hate pro-lifers and would love what abortionists do.


    The biblical Jesus is made up. There’s no such thing as resurrection.


    Jeremiah 32:27

    Andy Brown

    Jeremiah was a bullfrog.

    The religious hokey pokey argument is not the point. The point is that Catholics are not in support of drumpf.

    The numbers from the Pew study referenced in the first post of the thread makes it abundantly clear that support for the GOP candidate is way down from its traditional numbers.

    When drumpf calls for a religious test for Muslims entering the country; questions the faith of Hillary Clinton, President Obama and Mitt Romney; and demonizes undocumented immigrants as “rapists,” it’s a reminder of the ugly nativism that Catholics once faced.

    When John F. Kennedy became the first (and so far only) Catholic president, his religion was viewed so warily by some Protestant clergy that he was compelled to give a landmark speech assuring the country he would not take his marching orders from Rome.

    While this contemporary strain of old xenophobia is particularly felt by Latinos who increasingly are the face of the Catholic Church in the United States, many white Catholics surely take pride in family stories of grandparents and great-grandparents who were strangers in a new land. Trump has dug himself a deep hole he is unlikely to climb out of with these voters.

    Then there’s drumpf’s relationship with the Pope (the real one, not Bacon). It doesn’t take a high-priced political consultant to tell you that being on the wrong side of a widely popular pope who has captivated people far beyond the Catholic Church is a bad place to be. While no pope is going to ever dramatically sway the specific voting preferences of American Catholics, there is evidence of a “Francis effect.”


    Jeremiah 32:45

    He who is a bullfrog, is no friend of mine. He never said anything that was true but I always drank his wine.


    Looking from a contemporary perspective, I am not too thrilled about Biblical times. As a parallel to a list posted earlier in this thread:

    • Wealth and education were largely for people born into royal families.
    • Nomads living in tents couldn’t avail themselves of government programs.
    • Women’s primary duties were giving birth to children and cooking.
    • LGBT people were often put to death.
    • People who did not accept the dominant religion were often put to death.
    • Racism and xenophobia were rampant.
    • Magical thinking and superstition were ingrained into all cultures.

    If the government’s role truly is to protect the citizens then why is there such aversion to government provided healthcare?


    Because of Hypocrisy in the name of Jesus.


    The political rhetoric is stupid.

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