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    ” If Trump continues on, he will be the loser to Clinton in November”

    I’m not convinced of this right now. Seriously, a full third of us is into Trump. (something like that, could be a quarter)

    And they are absolutely gonna vote. Can’t wait to do it.

    They are voting against Obama, and “those other people” for “the stuff they did” or “that ugly person they are” too.

    Young people aren’t into Clinton. They are into Sanders big, but will they vote? If it’s Sanders, I’ll bet they vote more. Old people aren’t into Sanders, are into Clinton, but will they vote? Not sure the excitement level is there right now. Could be. Better be.

    “moderates” on the Republican side? How many of those are there? The Tea Party is the party majority base!


    This is very seriously great! John Oliver is a white hot talent! Way too smart, and funny too, while easily one of the most self-depreciating people out there. It’s super hard to marginalize him, and that’s as due to his high factual content as it is the great, humble humour. (brit spelling for John)

    Maybe there is hope!


    On Super Tuesday eve, Donald Trump gets his best poll numbers yet –


    Spoken like The Donald himself. Way to keep finding a lower bar to crawl beneath.


    If anyone wants a Donald trump tattoo, this guy is giving them for free.

    This New Hampshire man is giving away free Donald Trump-themed tattoos. We paid him a visit.


    Skep- Trump is starting to lean left, way more left on his issues. Infact other republicans are calling him a democrat in disguise, and I think they are right. I figure he is doing this to help him win the general election. Let’s face it, true conservatives like Ted Cruise are way too crazy to win the general election which is why Trump is leaning left on all of his policies.Its pretty obvious to me that he is not a true republican, he is a democrat.


    Missing, I was a bit too black and white with my comments and forgot the independents. I can’t imagine any of them thinking Trump is what we need. Those votes ought to go to the Democrats, helping achieve a popular vote landslide.

    My prediction record on election 2016 is 0 and 2. So there’s that. I was wrong about Trump and Brother Bush. One more strike and I’m off my pundit seat.

    Dork, If you watched Trump squirm while Palin was endorsing him, you could see some of his disgust for certain “tea party values” trying to burst out out of him. I’m surprised he didn’t bite his tongue off. Of the three, Trump is the one most likely to slide to the center if elected.


    Oh did he squirm all right. Palin made even the Donald squirm. At least, there’s that. Hell, the guy is frightening anyway. It could be anyone at this point. 7 left. Let’s hope it isn’t Cruz at least.


    Skep, maybe.

    Hopefully, we are right about it.

    Once Trump takes down Super Tuesday, and he will, it’s a lock! Republicans changed their process to give a strong advantage to the front runner. Little did they know it would be Trump.


    Then we see the party establishment whomp on Trump huge. Not sure what good that will do them, but they will do it, hoping they can wipe most of the blood off the betas and run one of ’em, instead of Trump.

    Who, by the way, might just get pissed and go Indie.

    He’s an alpha. Winner. Just won’t take that kind of shit.



    I mean that last line for entertainment value. If Trump does go Indie, who the hell knows what he will do and say and what that might mean for Democrats?

    Big worry there. This ain’t over by a long shot.

    Andy Brown

    Just last night, CBS did a very unflattering report on the KKK uproar. The still shots of Trump they chose for the green screen behind the anchor were similar to classic shots of Hitler. <snort>

    Live by the press amplification, die by the press amplification.

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