RIP Larry King

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    Died today at 87. I will always remember his old Mutual late night radio show (circa early 80’s). It was raw and real and he definitely kept it moving. He let his callers make their point but quickly moved on. Of course best known for his talk show on CNN into the 90’s.

    On a personal note, he came to Seattle for a book promo (I think ’86), and did his show from a downtown hotel. He invited those present to watch to come on live, and he called on me. I used to have a cassette tape of it, but it is now nowhere to be found (shrug). But I do remember I told him I worked at the station that he was aired on, and his reply to me was “you look so young”. Well, I was, and in retrospect he was just 25 years older than me.

    What a talent he was.


    Larry King said that he never read a guest’s book before an interview, giving him the same experience as the listeners.


    I was shocked to hear this news on a tribute that aired in the wee hours of January 24 on KOMO 1000. I did not know that he was 87. I am surprised that he almost made it to 90, given that he was a heavy smoker until the mid 1980s, and he suffered from diabetes, heart attacks, and lung cancer.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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