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    I really hope all you guys on here have some money set aside because this article is a little scary. Retirement isn’t what it use to be and we as Americans aren’t what we use to be.


    We used to have something going, until the wife got sick. And yes, we are availing ourselves of every loophole and negotiation technique to try and reduce the costs. Even with the insurance we have, the bills are simply staggering. Retirement is currently a distant dream, and I’m pushing 60.


    No one should ever be bankrupted by illness.

    Thanks a lot asshole Republicans.


    Medical bills are the leading reason for filing BK.

    And there should be no shame in claiming BK for such things. Those that are saddled with ridiculous medical bills should use the BK laws just the same as businesses do.


    Yes, Trix, there’s going to be an entire generation of people that will be hit really hard. In 2015, this means the crowd of folks today that are aged 45-60. They are known as the group of “no 401K, no pension”. It will be a rude awakening for most of these people who feel entitled like the generation before them.


    Union pensions x 2 plus PERS should tide us over quite nicely.

    The Teamsters pension trust survived Bush’s Major Fuck Up, now with the housing market recovered, the threat of reduced benefits to new members have pretty much disappeared.

    The UFCW pension trust apparently was never in much danger during Bush’s MFU and they even apparently gave retirees small yearly increases during the whole Bush-Obama transition.

    My wife’s PERS thing was small when she left her teaching gig, but it has grown. I admit not knowing how or why this happened, but am not complaining.


    But I agree, our kids are screwed.


    I plan to work for as long as I want and if my health is good. We’ve been mortgage free for nearly 10 years, have some small one time debt and live comfortably. Why should I retire just because I’m become a certain age?

    Working with Bill Schonely is an inspiration. At 85 years of age, he doesn’t work full-time, but certainly keeps an active life through his work with the Blazers and his commercial work with people like me.

    With our kids now young adults, one finishing up college the other working full-time but living with us for another year or so, we’ll be empty nesters soon. Really looking forward to that.

    My wife and I were fortunate to be stay-at-home parents. I did have some part-time radio jobs outside the house that helped, but pretty much since late 1999, I’ve been working from home, exclusively.

    My wife reminded me about a year ago, that years earlier while, in the midst of raising children and earning a good living, that when the kids are finally grown, we might consider going back to work outside of our home. Well, recently, I’ve done that.

    I now work part-time at an entry level position with New Seasons Market…and love it!! They’re a B-Corp, something I like. They use sustainable practices, and at 20-25 hours a week, I get full-time benefits. So the folks who constantly harped on me for lacking health insurance, need not worry. And I don’t pay some way out of whack premium and it covers my entire family. This company knows how to treat it’s employees. I started back in Oct. of last year and have had so much fun. What made this the perfect fit, is they opened a store in my neighborhood, so I walk to work.

    I can easily stay with this company well into my retirement years, as many with the company are doing. Mainly for health benefits and great employee discount on food. Plus, its just a cool place to work.

    We’re still doing all of our other work we’ve been doing from home, and that’s going good. This was just the right step at the right time. Plus, I may be adding them to our own client list in the future. Loads of opportunities.

    I hear the word retirement and it sounds so boring to me. My wife and I are simple tasted folks, and don’t need much to be happy. It has felt, at times, over the years, that we were semi-retired. That’s how much fun we were having. And it got better and better as the kids got older.

    So, I guess its how one decides to approach the retirement years. But it is scary to read where some are gonna have a hard adjustment, both work wise and financially.


    A great friend and mentor is on the “work until I can’t” plan, tossed out of a company he helped to build at 60 something, and medical drained most of what he put away…

    You all know what happened to me.

    @dux: SHit man. I know it’s tough. I’m not yet 50, so I’m helping to build a company and hopefully things will align such that piece of it takes reasonable care of me…

    Retirement, take 2.

    @chris: Totally. I’ll do a similar thing. Use it or lose it. I believe that, and seeing my friend working and reasonably happy, it’s not a bad thing, depending on the work and why.


    This gives me no hope for the future when it comes to retirement for 65-70+ yr olds in the next 2 decades. I’m fortunate to not have to worry about retirement but I do worry for my friends.

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