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    Andy Brown

    Following the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir drew parallels Sunday between the anti-LGBT rhetoric of radical members of the Republican party and the language of terrorist groups like ISIS.

    Weir issued his remarks at this weekend’s Bonnaroo Festival, where he accepted the Les Paul Spirit Award for Innovation and Achievement. “As we know, there was a massacre in Florida, not far from here,” the famous guitarist said towards the end of his acceptance speech. “I’d like to point out that last week, a distinguished representative from the State of Georgia went on the floor of the House of Representatives of our country and started quoting Bible verses in which he basically promoted, or at least rationalized, death to gay people as a reward for the way they were born.”

    Weir was referring to an incident that took place on the House floor at the end of May, when Georgia Rep. Rick W. Allen reportedly read from Romans 1:18-32 and Revelations 22:18-19. These passages include lines suggesting that LGBT people are “worthy of death.” The reading drew a rebuke from the Human Rights Campaign. “At a time when LGBT people face staggering rates of discrimination, harassment and violence, Representative Allen’s comments spread hate that does real harm,” HRC Senior Vice President of Policy and Political Affairs JoDee Winterhof said in a statement.

    Speaking at Bonnaroo, Weir also brought up a since-deleted tweet from the lieutenant governor of Texas quoting Galatians 6:7. “This morning, the lieutenant governor of Texas said that, ‘Well, they’re reaping what they’ve sown,'” Weir said. “Now, I wanna ask a question: how different are these peoples’ worldviews from the worldviews of the people with ISIS? It’s the same hatred. They pull those hatreds out of different books, but it’s the same hatred and I’d just like to point that out.”

    In a short address on Sunday, President Obama called the Orlando massacre “an act of terror and an act of hate. “As Americans,” he continued, “we are united in grief and in outrage, and in resolve to defend our people.”


    Bob Weir is a jackass if he can’t see the difference between a belief that something is a sin vs a religion that executes people for their sins.

    A guitarist is some kind of authority because…

    Andy Brown

    “a religion that executes people for their sins.”

    You mean Christianity and the Crusades?

    Speaking of “jack ass” isn’t it you that can’t see the difference between a true conservative and Donald Trump?

    So who’s the bigger ass? Clearly you, ace.


    Sins are made up.

    But Weir is correct.


    Christianity should not be condemned for the radical actions of its extremists.

    Islam should not be condemned for the radical actions of its extremists.

    I imagine most violent crimes in America are committed by self-identified Christians, many of whom might justify their actions by their faith. Should we therefore call all these criminals “radical Christians”? No, we shouldn’t, because it paints a broad brush unfairly over all Christians.

    It’s the same reason why Obama and his administration does not use the term “radical Islamic terrorists”. There are far more Muslims in the world that are friends of American than there are enemies, and we should work to maintain and grow those friendships.

    Andy Brown

    Using logic and facts will have no impact on our resident factphobes.


    Ed offered an explanation. It’s one I happen to think is correct; and also happens to be framed the same way President Obama has framed the issue.

    The way debate works, is you’d read that and either agree or disagree. You’d then provide a frame of factually supportable reasoning. Personally, I think that’s beyond most of the self-described “conservative” folks hereabouts. In this particular instance, it’s likely due to being utterly dishonest.

    IMO, I think you know very well that’s entirely accurate, fair, intelligent, and likely the proper stance for the President of the United States to take. Doing otherwise actively feeds into the very propaganda Islamic extremists are attempting to frame us with. ISIS is no more representative of Islam than the KKK is representative of Christianity. Actively claiming otherwise actually supports the terrorists agenda.

    Feel free to prove otherwise. Facts matter. Show your work.

    Or here’s a novel suggestion: Embrace facts and reject bigotry and ignorance.

    Andy Brown

    Truth is F&Bacon, you right wing Christian zealots are part of the problem. Fortunately we won’t have to put up with you much longer.

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