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    Watch the video and decide.

    TMZ claims to have spoken with several ESPN employees — producers, production people and on-air talent — who feel McHenry’s verbal assault should have cost her more than what essentially equates to a one-week vacation. One high-level producer reportedly referred to McHenry as “the worst.”

    One high level producer tells us, “She’s the worst. Hopefully she’ll be fired soon.”

    Another person told us, “[What she did] reflects on all of us at ESPN. She will be fired soon. If not, I’ll be shocked.”

    “She came off more than rude in that clip. It seems like she needs some humble pie,” says another ESPN staffer … “[ESPN] can find a million Britt McHenrys to replace her.”

    One famous ESPN’er (who also didn’t want to be named) told us, “Put it like this, she’s replaceable.”


    Agreed, she comes off as a terrible person in this. However, I am somewhat concerned about how the clerk seems to be edited out. Was McHenry provoked? If so, that could add to the story, but still not a good explanation. When most act this way, it is due to their own insecurities, despite how good they might look on TV.

    Deane Johnson

    She should go. She no longer has any respect or credibility.


    She ought to be able to land a gig as a customer care representative at JP Morgan Chase.


    Or as a spokesperson for the DNC.

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