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    In 1980, the populist vote allowed Ronald Reagan to enter the oval office. In 2016, the populist vote allowed Donald Trump to enter the oval office.

    How are these events similar or dissimilar?

    Both seemed to be unprepared, but Reagan atleast had some governmental experience, as governor of California.

    Both were the oldest to enter office as President.

    Reagan floundered in his first year in office. Trump is starting off the same way.

    Both were “bigger than life” in personality, though Reagan is generally accepted as being the kinder, gentler President, but unfair to compare this after one week.

    So what does this leave us with?

    Pretty simple, in my mind. Reagan was atleast a smart politician. Trump has not offered anything similar. Reagan was always a statesman. Trump was never a statesman, and doesn’t show any proof that he will become one.

    So the comparisons are somewhat there, but not really there. I would take Reagan over Trump, despite Reagan’s shortcomings on some issues, though I forgive him for some generational issues. Trump, on the other hand is wrong on almost every issue, and his decisions in the first week are indeed very weak.


    Reagan famously crafted what would become known as the “11th Commandment” : “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

    Trump obviously violated that edict constantly as he bullied his way to the Republican nomination, attacking any Republican who stood in his way.

    To be fair, Reagan broke the commandment too a few times. His 1976 primary challenge to Gerald Ford got pretty nasty.

    As for similarities, both Reagan and Trump started out as Democrats and became Republicans.


    Good point, Andrew, and some might say Trump still has many democratic ideals. Unfortunately, he can’t offer them up right now, politically. And won’t until the mid-terms. This is a reality show in the making, and I would not be surprised if everything he does in office is being filmed for future viewing.


    Reagan means nothing at this point. Too long ago and not relevant to our current issues.


    No. Political history is important. If you don’t understand history, you will not understand the present.


    They both weren’t “all right in the head” at one point during their presidency.


    I understand Reagan. But he’s not important in regards to our current reality.

    As bad as Reagan was, his badness pales in comparison to our current POS in office.

    It’s just not comparable.


    Reagan looks better today through the rose-colored glasses of time. He mellowed a lot in his second term…something to do with the onset of Alzheimer’s? But he was pretty cold in his first term. He fired the air traffic controllers. He called the Soviet Union an “evil empire,” and he increased the level of hostility toward the USSR; relations didn’t improve until Gorbachev came along. He supported the right-wing Contras in Nicaragua. The liberals of that era thought Reagan was terribly scary, too.

    But Reagan wasn’t a sociopath. I suspect the one who was just elected won’t mellow with time.


    The air traffic controllers went on an illegal strike. He did the right thing in firing them.


    Reagan rolled the dice and won. Had there been a fatal accident with even a suggestion of replacement controller involvement, then he would have been toast.


    Ironically, PATCO, the air traffic controllers’ union endorsed Reagan in 1980, because they didn’t like how tough the Carter administration had been in negotiations with them. Reagan paid them back for their endorsement by firing them.

    Reagan used the firing to get tough on unions and set an example – which probably worked, because union membership has steadily declined in America ever since.

    Scott J

    Reagan was also called a great ‘reassurer’ – Trump certainly is not and probably never will be, unless the majority of the American people ‘approve’ in what he orders and these orders come through minus the troubles attached; Can Trump handle it?

    Also the technology back in Ronnie’s term was analogue,
    compared to the current digital revolution that in it’s infancy had ushered in the mass surveillance we have now.

    Andy Brown

    Similarities: Both liars
    Differences: drumpf is a soulless ghoul with no respect for anything or anyone other then his assets and himself.


    Also, Reagan had better hair. And his tan was real.


    Reagan didn’t completely lose his marbles until his second term.

    Trump is starting off day one.

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