Ready for Hillary?

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    I am!

    Honestly, my only concern is her age. She’s 67. She’ll be 69 when she takes the oath. That puts her at 77 when she’s done with her 8 year term.

    I’d love to see a more progressive candidate such as Warren or Sanders, but what this really comes down to is making sure a Democrat is the one choosing the future SCOTUS. Several very important nominations will be happening in the next 8 years.

    By the time 2024 comes around, here’s who will likely be replaced by that time.

    Both Scalia and Anthony Kennedy will be 88. They will be likely dead or unable to serve at this point. One conservative, and one rabble rouser trending conservative to replace.

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be 91. Highly doubtful she would not be replaced in the next 8 years. A liberal.

    Stephen Breyer will be 86. A liberal.

    So, there’s a total of 4 likely nominations coming up, barring any unforseen things, such as Samuel Alito dropping dead from being a lifelong jerk.


    She would be younger than Reagan was when he took the oath of office, and younger than McCain would have been.
    Ms Clinton is nowhere near my ideal candidate but of those announced so far she is clearly the best choice.


    Hillary should be a clinch, but it is still early. I would expect some moderations on Obama policy, but nothing major. As for Obamacare, she really would have her hands tied, (depending on congress), and any changes would be minor.


    I think we have to wait and see who in the Dem party thinks (besides uncle Joe) they want to fight Hillary out over the long run. I don’t really think that the 3 in the CON party that have announced will make it to the end. It’s a wait and see ball game…..

    I honestly want to see someone a little less extreme on both sides of the fence to make a informed and honest choice.


    I’m ready.

    As of right now, the vote is shockingly simple:

    1. Crazy

    2. Not Crazy.


    Who should Hillary pick as VP?


    Since Hillary carries too much “insider Washington” baggage, she’ll have to pick a major player at the state level, probably a governor, hopefully middle U.S. And it will have to be a man, since the country isn’t ready for that much estrogen in the WH quite yet. And young, at least a decade or so younger that Hillary.

    Al Franken? Nah.


    I have no idea at this stage.

    Who she picks is going to be interesting, and very important as mentioned. Agreed on that

    Biden!! (ducks)

    Oh man, heads would explode if she picked Obama… That honestly would be so awesome! Won’t happen, but it would be epic awesome, if it did.

    Obama could fire up OFA, virtually unchanged, hand the keys to Clinton, if he’s not gonna do that already, and there you go! They work well together now. No worries!


    Sen. Franken has my support for this alone:


    VP… Bill Clinton????


    The current constitutional language about this is unclear. But why Hillary would even put herself in this position would be dangerous and probably hurt her campaign at the end of the day.

    So…how do we potentially address the spouse of a female President? First Gentleman? That would be my guess.

    Incidentally, Bill would probably offer much more than a VP could in a Hillary administration.

    As for a Hillary VP, too early, but I agree, a governor or senator from a swing state probably would be the ticket.


    Hillary’s VP choice won’t really matter.

    The VP is the most overrated position in politics. Unless the President dies the VP is zero.


    Sure. It only happens occasionally, like three times in the past 80 years. Harry Truman, LBJ, and Gerald Ford. Then add on the VP’s that succeeded the President by election…George Bush, and again LBJ, come to mind. Not exactly a “zero” historically.

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