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    I know a few people like talking about the good old days in local media – the Rajneesh doc on Netflix is chock full of cameos from PDX media types from not too long ago.


    Absolutely Dan..For those who have not seen it I won’t give it away – But KGW’s Pete Schulberg (With Kathy Smith) in what had to one of the BEST questions to US Attorney Charles Turner on the last show…It was an outstanding show. I personally dealt with them (we provided them all their accounting forms..All 6 of the Corporations accounts on the Bank of Greece).. didn’t realize how nuts they were until food poisonings in The Dalles…we were lucky it didn’t turn into another Jim Jones thing…


    Wild Wild Country is a great documentary and I highly recommend it. I was very young during Mt. St. Helens and Rajneeshees. Both were the first major stories I remembered affecting Oregon. I am 42 now


    Just got done binge watching the whole series. I highly recommend it. It was fun to see the anchors/reporters from the early to mid 80’s. It also showed a lot more information than what I remember being presented back then.


    Last Saturday night, “Saturday Night Live” did a parody of the Netflix documentary, using footage shot originally by KGW that was later donated to the Oregon Historical Society. In fact, the footage used by SNL came from a Facebook post on the OHS Facebook page. Several people at OHS and KGW recognized the film when it ran on air, and both posted links today to the SNL Facebook post of the sketch.


    Oh boy, I remember during the waning days of NW at Night Uncle Don Wright interviewed a couple of the Rajneeshies in-studio, this would have been 1990-91 or thereabouts.

    The only details I remember are: (a) we didn’t keep them on the air past the first break, and (b) the dump button on the delay got a real workout!

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