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    Several radio stations have had their broadcasts interrupted by a loop of the YG song “Fuck Donald Trump”:

    • WFBS “Sunny 107.9”
    • KCGF-LP “Sunday Morning Glory Radio”
    • WMGC “El Jefe 810/96.7”
    • WIAH-LP “Mother of the Redeemer Radio”
    • WCHQ-LP “Crescent Hill Radio”

    These stations were using a Barix Exstreamer audio over IP device as the STL. This is not the first time that this type of device has been attacked. In 2016, some radio stations were hijacked with a broadcast about furry sex.



    Funny I’m reading about it when I am because I just installed one of those machines a few hours ago (store that ditched Muzak for the manager’s favorite stream instead) but haven’t gotten it configured yet.

    The upside is now I have an Encompass XD in my collection that needs some repair work (and got a whole assload of old FM1 disks with it) but I should be able to get it going again.

    EDIT: Heh! From the comments It Looks like Phreakazoid found that article too!

    President Frank Patterson wrote on Facebook that he has captured the IP address used by the hijackers and has passed it on to the FCC. In a follow-up comment it is mentioned that it was of international origin.

    Which doesn’t even mean jack shit. It just means they logged [somebody’s] IP number and gave it to the FCC, for whatever reason. The culture jammers could very well have been (and probably were) routing through an anonymizing proxy server, a VPN with an IP number assigned an international registrar or just spoofing outright. Hell, I use SDF and can route my traffic through it instead of reaching endpoints directly if I want to, and everybody would get in their logs instead of my dynamic Centurycrap IP. IPs, MAC numbers and are just as trivial to spoof and exploit as Cisco 802-11 routers are to log into with default administrative credentials. It’s very, very easy to do. It happens a lot more than laymen’s overly simplistic views of how the Internet works dictate.

    This being (allegedly) from a botnet makes it even more meaningless.


    Unfortunately, my ability to edit the title of this thread has timed out. I should have typed, RADIO STATIONS HIJACKED WITH “FUCK DONALD TRUMP” SONG.


    Add another to the list, and it was a doozy. KQES-LP 101.9 Bellevue WA. Ran for almost a WEEK with that loop.

    A few thoughts.
    1) The fact that it ran for a week shows a certain lack of local control.
    2) The fact that it ran for a week shows a certain lack of listeners.
    3) This LPFM only had a CP, no license, but has been on the air since May anyway.
    4) Several of the local engineers expressed that they felt it was putting out a hell of a lot more than the 70 or so watts that it was supposed to.
    5) The two bay was about 100 feet up a doug fir. Yup.
    6) Regular programming was an audio feed off of a Chinese language (unclear Mandarin or Cantonese) TV station that runs out of SoCal somewhere.
    7) The church that was housing the equipment on behalf of the permit holder had no idea that they were broadasting this and were a bit horrified. It took a local engineer knocking on their door to get the thing taken off the air.

    We’ve got PIRATES up here who run a cleaner operation.

    I could hear it in my car from Renton to Woodinville, a little under 20 miles south to north. Not sure of the east west but do know some folks in east facing hills in downtown Seattle got it as well, 15 miles to the west.


    This is just way too funny. One week on a continous loop. I wonder what will FCC’s actions be next against the station named above.


    Probably sell it to the cell phone industry.


    FCC? None of that regulatory sh*t during the Trump adminstration.


    The Trump FCC is intent on rolling out ATSC 3.0 as quickly as possible.

    I would say that they look at RF spectrum space as real estate, but are they the first people to hold this belief?


    You folks will love this. The LPFM DID manage to get back on the air again. Admittedly, since they only have a CP they shouldn’t be back on the air, but there ya go. Then they went to a dead stereo carrier for two days. Now they are completely gone.

    Two fun facts. 1) I never did hear a legal ID, and 2) I sure heard what sounded like commercials. May they RIP. But I am sure they won’t.

    Scott J

    Can’t wait to learn how much FCC policy will change later under Trump, and what will be the biggest policy change.


    You are of course assuming that there will be a “later” under Trump!

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