Radio shack to be liquidated

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    Jeffrey Kopp
    Deane Johnson

    Radio Shack lost the scent years ago and has been slipping steadily ever since. Couple that with the massive influx of competition they face and it’s unlikely anyone could have figured out a viable direction for the chain.

    Master of Disaster

    The Master of Disaster wonders how many in America say something along the line of “Radio Shack? Oh, yeah, I remember when they had a unique product line, knowledgeable staff, and could special order just about anything electronics-related. Now they’re just another cell phone store.”

    Not surprising Sprint would end the Radio Shack brand and reopen half the stores as Sprint retail stores. Seems their brands (namely, Virgin Mobile & Boost) get the most prominence there these days.

    Sad, inevitable day? Yes. But it’s been on the way for years.


    The sad part of this is that you can find almost everything you found at RadioShack at Wal-Mart for 50-70 percent less at wal-mart. However you may not find everything you need at WM.
    So, IMO, go look for what you need at WM, but be prepared to find it at RS. No dog in this fight, just do what you need to do.


    ^^ For those technically inclined, I think that it is an interesting thought experiment to look at the old catalogs and ask the question, “when is the last time that one could have found all of the parts needed to build …. at Radio Shack?”

    My suggestions for the hypothetical projects are:

    • Superheterodyne AM or shortwave receiver
    • Superheterodyne FM receiver
    • Regenerative or superregenerative receiver (any band)
    • Wireless microphone
    • Amateur radio CW transmitter
    • Turntable or microphone preamplifier
    • Battery charger

    During the many years that I followed the Radio Shack catalog, the parts selection seemed a little bit non-sensical. For example, in the mid 1980s, Radio Shack carried an IF amplifier IC, a video detector IC, and a TV sound demodulator IC, all made by Motorola. However, they didn’t carry any of the coils or IF transformers that one would have needed to use with those ICs; one would have needed to improvise or buy the coils elsewhere.

    Jeffrey Kopp

    Yes, RadioShack filed for bankruptcy in a move that has been long time coming. No, that doesn’t mean that the RadioShack brand will be swept from the great American corporate landscape. In fact, more than 1,000 franchised RadioShack locations will be virtually untouched by the grim news for the company, selling the same old batteries and gadgets as before—at least for now.


    So, THAT’S why the Radio Shack at my local mall had mostly empty shelves, with clearance signs posted all over the store.

    Sucks to be them.

    Master of Disaster

    Interesting; an article linked on a cell phone news website (where I first heard of the actual bankruptcy filing) stated the brand was going away. The Master of Disaster put away brand loyalty years ago; no big deal for the Master of Disaster.

    So, THAT’S why the Radio Shack at my local mall had mostly empty shelves, with clearance signs posted all over the store.

    That, and the mall locations started focusing on the same products that are available from multiple other mall retailers; ‘The Shack’ seemed to have higher prices, less selection, and less service.


    The first round of Radio Shack store closing is out. From the look at locations around Northwest.

    All stores at mall locations are the first to go. Other small store that have been around for a long time. Were put on the list as well.

    I don’t see these locations ever opening back up again. As a Sprint wireless store.


    “‘The Shack’ seemed to have higher prices, less selection, and less service.”

    True that. I did an impulse buy at the RS in Clackamas Town Center over Christmas, then found out later I paid 2.5X what I could have gotten it for at Best Buy. Oof.


    My experiences have been all negative, but for one time I needed a 1Mohm pot. They had it, old school style like it had literally been there for 10 years.

    It’s in my truck to regulate the compass temp display. A chip went bad and an old pot can just dissipate heat as a crude hack. The chip is a pita to find.

    So I paid like 3 bucks.


    I’m still reeling about the closing of Lafayette Radio in the 60’s—-:)

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