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    The new KYTE signal is still not back on the air.

    Andy, what would be a good location for the KYTE tower?

    I’d like to comment more about the new signal being a waste. If local businesses in Salem and Kezier want to advertise on radio, the only option is AM radio. Now they have the option to advertise on a a 37,000 watt FM station. Think of all the extra revenue KYTE can potentially get with the new signal. How is that a waste?


    KYTE is unlistenable in Salem ie: still transmitting from Newport…they’re in a quandary….

    Andy Brown

    “Andy, what would be a good location for the KYTE tower?”

    Who do I make the invoice out to?


    Still running from Newport as you can’t receive them in the valley most times.


    When I was in Oregon back in January I noticed the old KWBY 940 Woodburn and KCYX 1460 Stayton no longer carrying regional Mexican music but rather Spanish religious programming.

    Both stations are a 24×7 relay of

    “La Estación de la Familia”. I do not the source audio – Gresham or Seattle as the local IDs are inserted at the top of the hour.

    Their Icecast audio server with multiple streams is:

    Actually, little KWBY 940 puts out a nice signal for just 250 watts D / 200 watts night.

    (Bustos has retained the KWBY-style programming on 95.1 out of Monmouth.)


    KWBY(then KWRC)used to come in well enough to be a preset long ago, when they were Top 40, cars had long antennas and FM was almost unknown.


    I used to listen a lot to the old KWRC… Spence Crew in the mornings, etc. They were one of the first stations to carry Spanish (Saturdays afternoons “Telefonelo..”) and were the first Russian station, with a few hours on Sundays for the “Old Believer” community in Gervais. Hard to imagine with the omnipresence of both languages on local regional AM/FM dials..


    Hey Broadway, not sure what the quandary is. Kyte has been licensed to their new site since February and have no authorization to be using their Newport facility for any reason. Why hasn’t the FCC shut them down? That’s the quandary.


    When I first came to the Hillsboro area in 1997, I recall the cleaning staff leaving the hotel clock radio in my room tuned to KWBY, despite the station being rather hard to pick up. At the time, 880 would have been the only other full-time Spanish language programming option.

    I did notice the religious shows on 940 a few months ago. I thought that some religious groups had bought blocks of airtime on KWBY; I didn’t realize that the station had changed formats. The KWBY Web page is still up, but it is woefully out of date. One of the advertisements that pops up is for a musical event that took place in 2014!!


    I have noticed that Gator and Denise havn’t been on KYKN for the last couple of weeks, all of their podcasts have been removed and they are no longer showing as staff members on the KYKN website. Any one have any details? Could they land on the new KSLM?


    I have heard that Gator is ‘leaving the state.’ Sounds like a fallout with ownership. Don’t know about Denise.


    Gator and his wife are leaving the state for non related reasons to KYKN. Denise has a full time job she’s never left, she was not fully employed by KYKN.
    As for KSLM AM/FM there will be new talk shows coming…


    Got to luv it when 88-5 KTEP El Paso from Texas… covers up that piece of shit 32 watt KMUZ!


    I’m getting two signals on 102-7. One sounds like KYTE while the other sounds like some sort of country station. It sounds really annoying when I listen to it, it’s like listening to a radio mirrored with audio carriers from another radio station from a complete different market.


    RE: AM 940 / AM 1460

    Both stations continue to be relaying programming from or , the Puget Sound – based Latino fundamentalist group.

    The 940 signal seems to be a relay of their Gresham 1230 outlet. The 1460 Stayton feed is distinct – probably coming directly from the “Seattle” feed.

    I suspect 940 would revert to a commercial format if granted that nice 10kw upgrade.


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