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    KBZY in Salem was sold recently. The new owner is a 1995 McNary graduate, who is a chef and local restaurant bar owner.

    Participant carries in their January 7 update a note that Distell has sold both KGZD Salem (1390) and KCKN Stayton (1460) to Iglesia Pentecostal Víspera Del Fin for the total sum of $70,000. An important note is that Distell retains the 93.5 Salem translator K228CN. Of course! That will be switched to carrying KWBY at some point. He just has to file an FCC waiver as K228CN originally was tied to KGZD.

    Lately KGZD has been silent while KCKN has been running a carrier-only. Meanwhile 940 runs Busto’s La Pantera format but lately has seen near-zero for advertising load.



    KCKX-AM 1460 kHz
    Stayton, Oregon

    >>has to file an FCC waiver as K228CN originally was tied to KGZD.

    Can that be switched?


    Yes, it’s KCKX.

    Interesting note included in Bustos’ filing to buy the Sedro-Wolley KZGI-FM is the listing of two unbuilt Portland-area translators:

    * 94.3 MHZ K232GB (60 watts) (KXET primary)
    * 105.5 MHZ K288HD (40 watts) (KQRR primary)

    The 94.3 signal conceivably could reach to Hillsboro. Now that KWBY’s 2 microvolt contour reaches much further Bustos could probably switch that source to KWBY in lieu of KXET). Take that one step further .. switch KWBY to carrying “La Zeta” 94.3 and now you have La Zeta format with solid coverage throughout the region. 2 x 94.3FM + 940 AM.

    My opinion: KXET should probably head to the scrapyard as it should never have been loicensed given CKWX and nearby KPNW.


    The KGDZ translator’s K228FN. DK228CN is a deleted TX translator.
    With the CDBS missing now it’s been impossible to see a copy of the K228FN license to see what Auction restrictions are on it.


    >>KXET should probably head to the scrapyard

    It’s a really nice site just outside of Mt. Angel…covers the Capital city day and night very well.


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    CDBS isn’t missing. The main page link was gone for a short time but is back now.

    Andy Brown

    Going into the data through CDBS is the long way. Just use FM Query. CDBS is just a front end to the data, and is a report app unto itself. FM Query is just a query which gives you quick access to all the information without having to fill in any fields. I’ve been telling you this for ten years plus. In one ear, out the other.
    If you have to do dozens of lookups for one or more licenses, you’d be all day using the CDBS front end. Accessing a license through FM Query is three clicks after the initial query which can be made with either the call sign, location, coordinates, file number, Facility ID, etc.


    Even FM Query was missing links at the time.
    Like I said it was missing.
    Still for KZDG AM Query keeps returning no results. But if you put in the Facility ID it works.

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    FINALLY got through to their CP & License. KGZD can change the primary station after 4 years.

    “1 Pursuant to Revitalization of the AM Radio Service, First Report and Order, 30 FCC Rcd 12145, 12153 para. 16 (2015), the permittee/licensee and any successor in interest (licensee) shall be subject to the following restrictions. From the grant of the construction permit and continuing until the facility has achieved

      four years of on-air operations

    rebroadcasting the primary AM station identified on this authorization, the licensee may NOT change such primary station being rebroadcast by this translator, nor may it rebroadcast another station
    when the primary station identified on this authorization is silent.
    Periods of station silence shall not count toward the fulfillment of this four-year requirement. During this same four-year period the licensee may not assign or transfer the construction permit/license to another party, unless it is to the licensee of the AM station identified on this authorization or unless such assignment or transfer provides for the continuing right of the primary station to rebroadcast on the translator. Minor modifications of this authorization are permitted, provided that the translator will continue to rebroadcast the AM station for which the modification was granted.”


    I know you have Andy and I appreciate it. I didn’t bring it up. I was responding to someone who was having trouble and didn’t bother to refer him to a different link.


    Good paperwork find Boisebill. Distell got the approval for the K228FN upgrade back in 2014. The four year window therefore has lapsed. My bet is KWBY and this Salem translator will switch to the Bustos’ Zeta format which carries more ad load. “La Pantera” targets an older demo and remains just an unhosted jukebox.


    It’s trivia time at … What two US state capital cities lack commercial FM radio stations with corresponding Community of License for their cities.

    The first one is easy: Salem ! (Thank you KRSK, Molalla!)

    The second capital city also suffered the same fate: Annapolis, Maryland.

    Maryland background: The new owners (CBS Radio) of the former Family Radio 107.9 shifted the COL closer to DC – now College Park. At least Annapolis listeners still can enjoy nearby WRNR 103.1 transmitting from Kent Island. It’s a trendy station with an owner who also runs the sister AM daytimer (WYRE) more as a hobby,

    Some enterprising corporation might try to get Congress to force something akin to the VHFTV-For-Delaware-And-Nee-Jersey-Move-In legislation that relocated TV stations from Nevada and Wyoming.

    The state capital item reminds me a of funny, true story. I was once at a train station snackbar in Cádiz, Spain, preparing for my journey back to Madrid on the “Alvía” . A Spaniard walked up to me and exclaimed “You’re ‘Americano’ – I know all the US state capital cities” .. He then proceeded to rattle off every one correctly… Wow!


    KXET observed running a full power signal today…The format …”All Open Carrier, All The Time”…


    OOOOOH, I love that format. So peaceful, so relaxing. Unless, of course, you have worked in radio, in which case dead air makes you crazy!

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