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    Damn, I can’t find the rule but this RecNet Q & A answer I knew of showed up.
    If we obtained a translator in the 2017 or 2018 windows, could we sell it later?
    According to previous FCC orders related to this window, any FM translators obtained during the 2017 or 2018 windows will be permanently linked to the AM station license and the translator would be limited to rebroadcasting the associated AM station and that the FM translator license would not be able to be split from the AM license. As mentioned before, applicants that are not AM licensees will not be able to participate in this window therefore, we will not see the same level of speculation we saw by a few parties in 2003.

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    That’s what I was thinking about too. This is what REC Networks had to say:

    Andy Brown

    If the AM with attached translator gets sold down the road, especially to a group owner with another AM, all they would have to do is ask for a waiver. I can think of several other scenarios where the potential for separation could arise. That’s why I want to read the rule as I don’t ever recall the FCC “permanently linking” two licenses especially across two separate services.

    Semoochie your link mentions nothing about the transfer of ownership after the licensing is done. There is no mention of what you guys are saying. Most of what is out there are articles about what it takes to be eligible to apply for one but we’re past that point. I’ll bet the lawyers have already figured out ways around this so called rule. How about this: Get an STA to keep the AM silent and then apply to use the FM translator as a fill in for one of the owners other FMs and claim you can’t put the AM programming on the translator because a. it’s against the rules and b. it was using off air as a source. Or get an STA and use the translator for a different AM the licensee owns either in the area or file to move it.

    Without seeing the text of the rule, there are more questions than answers.


    This was my only reason for the link: “The window was limited to the actual AM licensees only and that translators granted would be permanently tied to the AM station and can’t be split off.”


    For Distell, owner of both 1390 AM and 940 AM, the FCC waiver would be readily granted I would imagine.. Both stations are AMers that reduce power when operating in nighttime mode.

    And speaking of power switching… KWIP 880 is off the air again.. At least their webstream is up and running.


    I noticed this Sunday afternoon (~12:55pm) that KFIR and KGAL were both carrying the same CBS Sport Radio Network feed; the ad spots were different…

    Perhaps there is a contract overlap or someone punched up the wrong audio feed…


    I always wondered why KWBY 940 and KZGD 1390 often lingered with poor/low audio, no legal ids and why they ran Bustos Media formats while Ed Distell didnt seem to do much when there were problems

    This explains that:

    KWBY has a CP to go up to 10KW day non directional and remain 200 watts at night

    In the recent filing, Edward distell says KZGD is a minority owned station


    I might be hearing things, but it seems there’s a bit of AAA format woven into KSHO. One day recently I heard Sail Away by Randy Newman, and also St. Teresa by Joan Osborn, which I remember hearing on that AAA at 102.3 in Eugene that was on for a while in the ’90s.


    The September edition of the FCC Silent FM Stations List shows KSQI-LP as silent, This is the Oregon Peace Works station in Salem with a CP for 10 watts on 91.9, Also
    listed as silent is KORC-LP in Corvallis at 105.9.

    KORC’s “critter” damage has to be resolved by 8 October or its license will be ended per the STA and FCC response.

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