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    KWBY AM 940 Woodburn is fully integrated now into the top-of-the-hour IDs with sister station KSND La Pantera… I still have yet to hear “diez mil vatios en antena” (10000 watts of power) … Any power increase evidence yet?


    Signal strength of KWBY 940 observed in Hillsboro appears to be the same as before.

    FCC site still shows a 10kW CP.


    >>All I know is it was profanity-laden rap.

    lastday…I contacted management at KMWV and they said they could not “find a match from our logs”…and for the person who heard it to call and give more details…I would think time of day heard since they are a shared radio station…fyi.

    Michael Brown

    lastday: What time of day was the objectionable song? Was it on Friday, or some other day?

    Also: ajustments/proofs were being done last week, which resulted in some off-air time. At times the HD was off for test purposes.

    thank you


    This was Friday 9/27. I’m sorry I don’t have an exact time but I think it was in the afternoon. I was driving around Eugene and in the car 98.3 was a battle between KMWV/KTUP and OPB’s Walton translator. The car displayed RDS for KTUP at the time, music was rap in colorful English.


    Relaying at note posted Wednesday 20 November in both Spanish and English at the KTUP website:

    Nuestro Adios y Amor a Radio Movimiento

    Today we are turning off the KPCN 95.9 LP-FM transmitter. On this day, thirteen years ago, PCUN and the community began broadcasting of Radio Movimiento to help spread information and important news for the Latino / a / x Community. Subsequently, 10 years ago it was clear that a stronger signal was needed and the project for a larger radio station was envisioned. Radio Movimiento served the community while preparations were being made for a radio with much wider coverage. There were many setbacks along the way to consolidate our project. Radio Movimiento maintained our presence in the non-commercial transmission in Spanish for the local Woodburn area through the 95.9 FM frequency. We could also reach the rest of the world through the internet with our site in continuous transmission.

    With Radio Poder now on the air, it is time to rest the voice of KPCN-LP and complete the transition to our new station: Radio Poder KTUP 98.3 FM. We will always be grateful for the thirteen years of service that Radio Moviento KPCN-LP 95.9 FM gave us. We hope to continue the movement that began today thirteen years ago, serving the community and anyone who wishes to be part of the movement for social justice.

    The torch that is being passed was lit by many people who believed in our philosophy of Yes You Can. Thanks to all those who collaborated in Radio Movimiento for their hard work and community leadership. Thanks to the audience for making Radio Movimiento your home and your voice. Without you Radio Poder would not be here.

    Our love and goodbye to Radio Movimiento that today November 20, 2019, permanently closes its broadcasts.


    Follow-on comments by your PDXradio poster “Chessyduck”….

    To remain compliant, a full-time licensee is not supposed to be involved in the daily operations of an LPFM (although many organizations violate the provision). KTUP’s Arturo Sarmiento made the correct decision in ending KPCN-LP’s broadcasts as this concentrates Hispanic community radio’s outreach in a larger signal, albeit not 24×7.

    Fortunately the KPCN-LP Icecast audio stream has been repurposed for KTUP’s purposes so we can all enjoy KTUP (Core hours 1000-1800 Pacific, other times silent). The server is here: or more precisely :

    KTUP has a cool sign-on at 1000 AM (if you understand Spanish).

    ¡Felicidades KTUP y adelante Radio Poder!

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    As a follow-on note, still no sign of any web presence for share-time KMWV. The website is still tv-centric.


    Bustos Media has switched KSND 95.1 FM Monmouth to “La Gran D” format but keeping local KWBY 940 AM with “La Pantera” track. Perhaps this is an indication that KWBY Woodburn will soon switch on that blowtorch 10,000 watts… I am not sure where this leaves AM 1390 Salem as it no longer appears in Bustos’ La Rola Android app.

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    No surprises here folks… KZGD now relays “La Estación de la Familia” from Seattle, a religious network. La Familia owns KRYN in Gresham and in the past leased both 940 KWBY and 1460 KCKN. (Any sign of KCKN lately?)… No paperwork yet filed on this apparent KZGD LMA.


    Mea culpa. The Stayton station is KCKX.. owned by the same folks as KZGD.


    No surprise again, KCKX Stayton was heard this afternoon in Spanish also relaying La Estación de La Familia. I used the remote KiwiSDR at Newport to grab the signal, mixed with Yakima and Salinas stations… From that vantage point KWBY still appears to be running 250 watts…

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